Macro Setup *Made In Germany* 03.2012

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    My current macro setup.

    The winner of my macro performance test, a reversely mounted Zeiss 58/2 taped on a M42 extension tube with an M42-Nikon adapter 49>52mm step-up and reverse-adapter. Despite its age, this lens really produces quality images with a beautiful bokeh and still performes well if stopped down to F11-F16. (Read some interesting details about this lens with a quality compoarison to a Nikkor lens from 2006 here).

    The focus lies currently on the box on the right, approximately 85mm in front of the lens. Focus of the lens is at minimum, this doesn't make much difference for the distance, but moves the backlens in the hull and thus creates a lens-hood.

    The 12mm extension ring, formerly used as part of a cable connection for a reversely mounted lens, now contains a Dandelion chip. It allows for auto-exposure and - more important - TTL-flash. This also gives me full control over my external flash with limited manual options.
    With a 12mm tube this setup results in a 1:1.2 macro lens (29mm on a 23.9mm chip). With additional 20mm tubes it is 1.14:1 (21mm) and with the additional third 36mm tube 1.7:1 (14mm).

    But more handy than an external flash is the milkbox flash diffuser which guides the light of the oncamera flash to where it is required. The front diffuser can be folded and put into the rearmost part. The right piece, currently beside the camera, is used as a telescope and contains a 3W cree LED which can be used during focussing (didn't use it lately). For transportation, the whole diffuser is not much larger than what's over the lens.

    Accidentially also on this picture is the mod of my Phottix battery grip: Instead of connecting the strap to the tripod thread, I installed a loop. This way the body is smaller and even.

    See the comments for example shots, thanks for looking!

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    1. Objektkontrast 36 months ago | reply

      "Ich bin ein Sammler, ein Jäger,
      ein guter Ernährer,
      ein Schrauber, ein Dreher,
      ein ganz Frühaufsteher....

      Beeindruckende Konstruktionen!!!

    2. Daniel Borg 36 months ago | reply

      You have some great setups, and this adds to the list ;-)

    3. al.gc 36 months ago | reply

      Wouaaaa !! !Excellent !
      Superbe netteté de l'image et joli travail maison

    4. Jean.M 36 months ago | reply

      frisch aus der Serie Raumschiff Enterprise? ;) super! sieht nach HDR aus

    5. Terapixel² 36 months ago | reply

      Danke! Ganz richtig erkannt, das Foto selbst is HDR um es etwas interessanter zu gestalten...

    6. gregp25 36 months ago | reply

      Cool set up!

    7. .Fra981. 36 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Shot!

    8. cga60 36 months ago | reply

      Du matériel bien utilisé.

    9. Jawad Q 36 months ago | reply

      Fascinating - I love the milkbox flash diffuser! Inspiring image!

    10. neimon2 (too busy, sorry for my temporary silence) 36 months ago | reply

      apart of all the teknic involved, this is a great shot!

    11. Grace5mith 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing your setup, I love seeing other peoples Macro kit!

    12. Terapixel² 35 months ago | reply

      Many thanks!!

    13. Marquisde 35 months ago | reply

      Haha, that is crazy! Amazing :)

    14. Weinstöckle 31 months ago | reply

      Du bist ja ein echter BASTLER - da habe ich immer Respekt, denn auf diesem Gebiet bin ich eher etwas unbeholfen, ich muß mit dem Vorlieb nehmen was man so kaufen kann.

    15. Terapixel² 31 months ago | reply

      Danke, ja! Das macht mir oft mehr Spaß als das Fotografieren selbst.

    16. A@die 28 months ago | reply

      This photo is a good sample in the flickr. It is awarded the flickr Clickx Award!
      award 12
      flickr Clickx (post1 – award 5)
      Please consider posting this photo into this group.

    17. Imran Ul Karim 27 months ago | reply

      This is called dedication...

    18. anderson_a17 17 months ago | reply

      Really lovely photo Charly, it would be great to get in touch with you regarding licensing the image. Please contact me via Regards, Ann Anderson

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