Polaroid 210 Land Camera

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    My very first pull-and-peel Polaroid, which I have loved from day one. The film has been getting more and more expensive, but every time I splurge and buy some, the pictures are worth it. I think this camera was $5.99, and it came with the original instructions, which I seem to have mislaid. It also came with a flashgun, which I gave away because I didn't know I could still buy bulbs, and a cold clip, which I discarded because it was disgusting.

    Most of the time I have found these cameras, they have been riddled with corrosion from old batteries, but this one was clean, and well taken-care-of.

    Circa 1997. The Hollywood Thrift Store. Portland, Oregon. $5.99-ish.

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    1. Morven 94 months ago | reply

      These are always a lot of fun. I save a bit of money by buying expired film from a local pro shop, which is always in pretty good condition because they've refrigerated it.

    2. catscape 94 months ago | reply

      oh wow, memories! Grandma had one of these, and it was so fun when she would bring it out for family pictures. We'd all look at our watches, as if each of us were the official time keeper. Then after 60 seconds (or whatever it was) we would argue about who had the more accurate time :)

    3. shetha 77 months ago | reply

      Batteries? I just found one yesterday and it had film in it -- ancient film which doesn't seem to be doing much when I snap photos. Can I bug you to ask where to look for a battery? Mine has the case and the flash and some extra bulbs but no documentation :( Couldn't even find it on the polaroid site. At the very least, if this doesn't work, then I've spent $3.99 on something to decorate my shelves with :)

    4. Morven 77 months ago | reply

      You should be able to find the batteries on eBay - that's what I did.

    5. Scout Seventeen 77 months ago | reply

      actually, this particular camera usually takes two AA batteries. if you open the film compartment, and remove the empty film case, you should see a place where two batteries would go (if i recall correctly). good luck!

    6. Morven 77 months ago | reply

      Ah, that's even cooler; most of them take a wierd battery that you can't find in the stores anymore. If it's that kind, there's an access door thing on the right hand side of the front, I think with a screw holding it down.

    7. Scout Seventeen 77 months ago | reply

      yeah. sadly, one of my favorite polaroids takes one of those batteries, which are becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to find.

    8. shetha 77 months ago | reply

      yeah mine takes the weird one which is the same voltage as 2 AAs but they'd have to be in series apparently, and they don't fit that way. I'm kinda torn about putting a battery in it because the shutter is not opening at all, and I don't know if that's because of no battery or if it's really broken and unusable. At least it's nice to look at :-)

    9. Scout Seventeen 77 months ago | reply

      shetha: it's almost certainly because of the battery. almost all the polaroids i have require batteries for the shutter to open. on my nicest polaroid, i know the battery is dead when the pictures come out black. if there is a space in a polaroid camera for a battery, it is almost always to operate the shutter.

    10. shetha 77 months ago | reply

      oh boy! Now I gotta find the battery. Main reason I was buggin you about it scout is I'm a local shopping (not so much ebay) kinda gal. Ah well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? I think it'd be fun to see if this who-knows-how-old film will work and if so, what it'll come up with. With the price of film what it is, I'm feeling even more lucky to score the film with the camera than the camera alone :-)

    11. Scout Seventeen 77 months ago | reply

      i wouldn't count on the film too much. sometimes you can get some interesting effects, but mostly it's just garbage... =(
      even modern polaroid films have a very limited freshness period.

    12. tia.b [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      wow. Thanks! i live in Portland, OR and I've been looking for a place to buy good cameras.

    13. kowensby 60 months ago | reply

      So you seem to know a lot about this camera. I just picked one up at a yard sale for $4 today. But I can't seen to figure out how to get it to lower so I can close the case. Oh... and where do you get your film?? Thanks!!

    14. Scout Seventeen 60 months ago | reply

      If you gently push in the metal bars which anchor from the front to the back, it should release, and slide back into it's home. I buy the film at a local store, but it's pretty widely available online.

    15. remmazing 54 months ago | reply

      I just received this is in the mail today ! I'm really excited, however, mine has this ugly, chunky gray covering on the back, that just won't seem to come out =\ I was kind of freaking out, because it had come with no film, but apparently, it's very easy to find. Does anyone know the price range btw?

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