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IMG_9217 - Intersecting Pyramids

ZEN MAGNETS - Neodymium Magnetic Balls (@468 ) - Intersecting Pyramids


Subunit = (2 x (4 x 36-ball 3L-Hexagons)) = fold 3Layer Hexagons to form triangles.

Put 4 triangles together (Hex side out) for each side.

Put the two sides together

Add the 6-ball hexagon extensions on top of existing hexagons

Add the 3-ball rings to the Hexagon extender to form raised triangles.

Take the three triangle points and fold them up to form the pyramid tip.


@468 = (2 x (4 x 36-ball 3L-Hexagons)) + (12 x 6-ball rings) + (12 x 3-ball hexagon triangle tips)


Blue reflection is blue foil origami paper

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Taken on August 17, 2012