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Atominum (failed attempt) - P1280056 | by tend2it
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Atominum (failed attempt) - P1280056

Atominum (failed attempt) - (@1216 hollow variation)


The scale of the structure proved not stable enough to support a standing structure on 1 ball and 3x support legs for more than a few minutes. Moving it for a pictured proved fatal.


Backup plan for contest: Moai


This is made using 5-ball spheres and 4-ball tubes. Due to the small scale, the challenge rests on stability and weight on single base ball and tri-ball corner supports. 1st attempt failed to support the cube tilt using a hollow sphere. Redesigned a solid base sphere to handle the tilt weight. Tri-ball supports were made coupled to make a more sturdy leg. Since the connector tubes are hollow, the center ball supports had to be positioned to distribute the support across the entire frame.


Cube structure:

(@480) - Spheres - 8x(5x12 7x outer, 1x center)

(@480) - Exterior Connector tubes - 12x(4x10)

(@256) - Interior Connector tubes - 8x(4x8)

(@099) - Base Sphere solid variation - (6x5 core)+(4x13 mid layer)+(17 outer layer)


(@540) - Base Sphere hollow variation - Spheres - 9x(5x12 8x outer, 1x center)


Tried but didn't work (not pictured):

(@096) - Base Supports - 3x((16)+(1+14+1))+(base)

(@054) - Base Building - (2x27 hex w/corner balls removed)

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Taken on February 21, 2019