What Happens When Local Industry Crosses Paths with the TSA in Lousiville

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    In Louisville, Kentucky -- home to Louisville Slugger, America's most famous baseball bat manufacturer -- the TSA has a special warning display near the security screening area at the airport.

    Sadly, this is the closest thing to "local flavor" that I've seen at any of the otherwise uniformly-grim TSA outposts around the country.

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    1. Vidiot 100 months ago | reply

      Well, proteusguy, 9/11 will never happen again -- I doubt we'll see any more aircraft hijackings. Pre-9/11, if your plane was hijacked, your best bet was to keep your head down and don't make any trouble, and you'd most likely get out alive. 9/11 changed the script, making a hijacking into a death sentence. So if anyone is unwise enough to attempt a hijacking now, passengers realize that they would have nothing to lose and would most definitely fight back -- we saw this realization sink in with UAL 93.

      I'd wager that al-Qaeda is much more likely to do something to keep us off balance, trying a different tactic. An electronic attack on key computers? A dirty bomb at Disney World? Blowing up a shopping mall in Kansas City? That would be much more likely to occur, I'd say, than them repeating the same tactic.

    2. sga1120 100 months ago | reply

      HAHA, that's awesome! that's one of those moments, you know you'd be kicking yourself if you didn't have the cam handy :)

    3. Drew Thaler 99 months ago | reply

      They'll let you take a big 35-lb carryon which could easily be used as a bludgeon just by itself. But a mini-bat inside it? Oh hell no.

      Let's all hope for a competent executive branch in 2008.

    4. mikeq314 98 months ago | reply

      Working at the airport, I see more people bring in chainsaws wrapped up or in a box than people bringing in bats at the checkpoint...

    5. marc0047 98 months ago | reply

      Consider posting to this group?

      TSA incidents

    6. Pgh Photographer 96 months ago | reply

      Alot of you guys posting your emotional rants make me laugh. If the knuckleheads used their heads, they should have put the bats in checked baggage, but no, they of course didn't think, and tried to take it right onto the plane in their carry-on. Stupid travelers. I'm glad TSA is showing people how dumb they are. But then again, I read these posts, and people still don't get it, and probably never will. Stupid.

    7. Crashworks 96 months ago | reply

      When owning a baseball bat is a crime, only criminals will play baseball.

    8. Gerard van Schip 91 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Security theater, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    9. Patrick Sean Mannion 89 months ago | reply

      Heh, no lobsters will be getting through on my watch. :P

    10. blah blah photos...blah blah blah 84 months ago | reply

      I couldn't agree more with "wageorge".

    11. Gerard van Schip 84 months ago | reply

      wageorge: so what is exactly 'stupid' about carrying a sport item onto a plane? How is that more stupid than a newspaper, a walkman, a book etc.... just because it is more usable as a weapon?

      Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.

    12. DeoxyribonucleicAcid 84 months ago | reply

      those who defend these actions of the tsa are missing the facts.

      1. if liquids can blow up a plane they can blow up in an airport. even when in a big barrel in the middle of hundreds of people waiting to get through tsa "security." iow, making people ut their evil fluid in a barrel while going through security poses another risk.

      2. forging a boarding pass is about as difficult as falling off a mossy log. iow, the 'do not fly' list is a joke.

      3. tsa routinely misses evil crap in carry-on baggage despite the trillions we've spent on our "security."

      4. the terrorists have won. we changed our ways of life and have allowed a corrupt government to take away our rights and liberties. now people say, 'well we haven't been hit so it must be workring.' that logic is inaccurate at best.

    13. Gerard van Schip 84 months ago | reply

      DeoxyribonucleicAcid: you said it all.

    14. DeoxyribonucleicAcid 84 months ago | reply

      it's funny.

      last year i took my family to hawaii. on an inter island flight we went through tsa "security" and our child -- at the time one-year old -- was forced to remove his sandals. said sandals were 3" long, 1.5" wide and .5 inches deep (sole).

      what exactly was the point?

      on that same trip we went to see the arizona museum. we stayed in honolulu before traveling on for the sole purpose of seeing this great national icon. problem was that our son had a virus that gave him the runs. needless to say we needed to have diapers and cleaning supplies everywhere we went. problem was dhs had made it illegal to carry any such materials into the museum. if you've been, there's a video portion and two boat rides to take it in -- no bags allowed. that meant no diapers, no wipes, etc.

      this 'war on terror' should be renamed the 'war on common sense.' it's fucking absurd.

      i express this opinion regularly and freely. often i'm told i should be careful. my response? fuck that. this isn't nazi germany despite what the chimp living in the white house might think.

      those bats should be used on some federal government employees.

    15. Gerard van Schip 84 months ago | reply

      DeoxyribonucleicAcid: I agree, this huge fear driven machine that the government and media has created is worth billions to them and is fed by our rights and freedoms yet hardly anyone seems to notice or speak up.

      I started my Security Theatre group some time ago and have ben inviting peoples images. I have received several emails from people saying they are to afraid to make public statements as they don't want any trouble when traveling...

      Smells like a dictatorship to me when people are too afraid to speak up when they are being done wrong.

      Would love to see you express yourself on my group, if you want.

    16. ms tineah 80 months ago | reply

      I live in the Louisville area. Every time I fly out I love seeing this collection of bats. Thanks for sharing!

    17. the_big_e 79 months ago | reply

      I've been to Louisville a couple of times and seen this thing. The problem, I think, is that by the time most travelers see it, they've already waited in line for security--and their bags are already somewhere in the bowels of the airport. So they're pretty much stuck.

      My recollection is that the museum does make a point of warning people against trying to carry on full-size bats--I'm curious that they don't seem to adequately emphasize that the tiny bats (and they are pretty puny, sorry, "police baton" guy) are verboten too.

      But I've also wondered whether they don't just empty out the bin, take them back to the gift shop, and put new stickers on them.

    18. WildKatCa 55 months ago | reply

      Isn't it a little too late by then? You already have your luggage checked... It would be better placed in a visible area near check in, or even if there were notices at each check in counter...

    19. WildKatCa 55 months ago | reply

      My boyfriend was at an airport (I can't remember which one) and while we were talking he said he watched as the bottled water was collected and put back in one of the stores!

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