Hunter's Point, Building 253: Abandoned typewriters in the cryptography section

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    The light you see here comes only from the camera flash; most of the time, this room is totally dark. It's spooky when you first shine your flashlight and realize that you're standing in a room full of dead typewriters!

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    1. Zinarcotics ages ago | reply


      I think I would have shat myself had I seen this...

    2. mike1727 ages ago | reply

      Surreal unitnentional museum of dead media. Some of the typewriters seem to have paper still in them....any idea what was written?

    3. Telstar Logistics ages ago | reply

      Alas, I have no idea what was witten on the pages. But in the next photo you can read one piece of paper. It says "Broken -- Keys Stick"

    4. Dan_Da_man [deleted] ages ago | reply

      This place is frozen in time.How havn't the the squatters and homeless of SF found this place?

    5. Telstar Logistics ages ago | reply

      There was pretty good security, for many years. Later, there were lots of guys in bunny suits cleaning up the toxic materials the Navy left behind. In between was a brief period of time when access was pretty straightforward. That's when this photo was taken.

    6. ModernDayGilligan ages ago | reply

      ... I wonder what happened to all the monkeys who used to type on them...

    7. sketchySteven ages ago | reply

      I think the monkeys died from throwing toxic poo.

    8. TunnelBug ages ago | reply

      The cryptos have been moved to the adjacent, lighter room now. They've all been checked out to be radiation-free, indicated by the orange spraypaint that says "CL" or "Clear"

    9. Jasen Miller 113 months ago | reply

      Thats freakin awesome.

    10. Poetic Home 100 months ago | reply

      Wow, how surreal!

    11. francisuao 95 months ago | reply

      NOOOOOOOOOOO WHY??? WHY ??? For elettronics lovers is a very torture all that ..... Why don't to sale at surplus store ?

    12. rinehart-video-productions 75 months ago | reply

      Love these abandoned historical buildings. Too cool. Great work.

    13. keightdee 72 months ago | reply

      Any chance those typewriters are still there? I'd love to nab a few.

    14. jamesthewineguy 63 months ago | reply

      How interesting! Hunter's Point abandonment, and if we had no other knowledge of what occurred, it looks like a hurried departure. I wonder why the Navy would leave so much behind--furniture, typewriters, etc.

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