Unrestored 1040

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    San Francisco Municipal Railway's Geneva Yard, San Francisco

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    1. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      I thought they stored those over near the graveyard.

    2. Octoferret 88 months ago | reply

      This streetcar was the last PCC built in in the US

    3. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      I know. They used it in the 1990s on the F-line as tripper service. If it's still operable, Muni would be lucky for this car to complement the current NJ cars.

    4. Octoferret 88 months ago | reply

      They mention it here

      They also have some more about it here:

    5. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      Here's a picture of 1040 in 1981:

      The code was left on the picture page.

    6. Telstar Logistics 88 months ago | reply

      I'm confused. Why is 1040 in the 1970s colors in this photo, if it's in 1950s colors above?

      Here's 1006:

      Unrestored 1006, 2006

    7. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      1040 was repainted with 1038 (now painted in blue) in this livery you see here. When it was retired in 1982, it was repainted for the trolley festival, then ran in tripper service, then, yeah...

    8. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      I forgot to mention notice how the wings look shorter than it did in 1956.

    9. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      And this'll also go good in the MSRy pool.

    10. Jamison Wieser 88 months ago | reply

      On the topic of restoration...

      1040, and three other double-ender PCCs Octoferret linked to, should begin undergoing restoration this year.

      As of september 2007, the same company which restored the 11 former New Jersey PCCs had won the contract to restore the 4 double-enders and was negotiating with the SFMTA (Muni) on the details. They were also interested in expanding the contract to include purchasing and restoring 2 more double enders they themselves own.

      If everything is still on schedule the contracts should have been wrapped up in december.

    11. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      So you're saying 1040'll also get restored with another one, as well as the 4 double-enders, right?

    12. Jamison Wieser 88 months ago | reply

      Oh no, I'd skimmed over this too fast and got them backwards. I was thinking 1040 was a double-ender because of that photo of 1006.

      I'm sure confusing 1040 and 1006 has nothing to do whatsoever with posting that comment on the morning of new year's day and maybe having had a few drinks the night before late into the night.

    13. Whole Wheat Toast 88 months ago | reply

      1040 is sure an important part of Muni's history, it should be restored too, but along with what. I hear from your site that the St. Louis cars need extra training, but, yeaahh...

    14. Jamison Wieser 88 months ago | reply

      Seriously! As nice as it would be to see 1040 restored though, I would personally (and having just been elected to the Market Street Railway Board of Directors I should probably qualify this is me personally and not the MSR's opinion) rather we restore a few of the one-of-a-kind streetcars which have been gathering dust first. Worse really, you can see the rust.

      There's sort of a backlog now of streetcars Muni and the MSR acquired to save from becoming scrap, but didn't have the funding needed to restore them too.

      If anyone is interested, we have a streetcar restoration fund.

    15. foggydave 88 months ago | reply

      Hey guys... No. 1040 is indeed a very special and historic car (even a Corgi model) and is very high on the restoration priority list of both Market Street Railway and Muni. I can't say when, but that car will definitely run in F-line service!

      Also, it's a sure bet that it will wear the "Muni Wings" which was its original as-delivered livery. Personally, I'd like to see all of the San Francisco PCCs (including Nos. 1007 and 1015) wear SF liveries and have 1050 and 1051 repainted to represent other cities. As you know, Jamison, there has always been an element in Market Street Railway that didn't consider the PCCs to have much historic value, but I think that's changing now, and it's high time that all of the real San Francisco cars wear SF colors, IMHO.

    16. Jamison Wieser 88 months ago | reply

      For everyone else, Dave and I were talking last month about PCCs and how, for us, the articulated light-rail vehicles had already replaced PCCs when we were kids. I only discovered them the second time around on the F-Line.

    17. Telstar Logistics 88 months ago | reply

      Likewise, Jamison! I never knew about PCCs until I saw them on the F-Line... and I'm 40. The idea that they don't have any historic value is absurd!

    18. acidpix 84 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 1040, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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