Pursuit of Happyness in Duboce Park 21 Sept 05
I was walking to my train stop at Duboce Park this morning when a woman patrolling the entrance stopped me. "I can't let you walk through the park." Why not? "We're filming a movie. It's set in 1981. And you don't look 1981." So that's it then.

I never look 1981 enough, though I try and try.

For the last several weeks, I thought San Francisco Muni was building a nice, new stop at Duboce Park, where I get on the train to work. But they built it very quickly, which is not the municipal way. And it had expensive-looking, polished granite exteriors, when we all expect plastic. And it had escalators going underground, which doesn't make any sense, since it's an above-ground stop. Then they put up the BART sign.

So if you're familiar with the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system you know there is no high-speed electric train line that goes to Duboce Park.

My sources on the street (seriously) said there would be filming today, so I brought my camera. I was late for work, but it was interesting to watch. We don't get a lot of Hollywood action like Southern California. The movie is called "Pursuit of Happyness." The scene they were filming showed Will Smith running away from a cab, escaping into Duboce Park. Pictures are of varying quality--some second unit director or something wouldn't let me get any closer. As usual, I didn't pass for a Teamster, many of whom are to be seen lounging at stage right.
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