Wikileaks Van

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    Wikileaks van troll vs DC cops

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    1. delunula dot com 38 months ago | reply

      So this guy got pulled over? What's the story?

    2. Chris Wieland 38 months ago | reply

      Can't speak for the details of the case but they were asking for consent to bring in a bomb/drug sniffing dog when I took this picture.

    3. flesheater42 38 months ago | reply

      it just goes to show the sad state of the world

    4. Max Hodges 38 months ago | reply

      what's the probably cause?

    5. nofunick 38 months ago | reply

      Front bumper hanging is probable cause for stopping vehicle for safety check in DC.

    6. 38 months ago | reply

      Don't know if this applies here or not, but some streets in DC forbid trucks of any kind. Especially around certain buildings.

    7. JMCrowell 38 months ago | reply

      You are correct -- there are streets on which trucks of a certain size are not allowed, especially around the Capitol complex. It is Capitol Police, not MPD, doing the stop.

    8. Duncan Creamer 38 months ago | reply

      Time to get a WikiLeaks SmartCar™

    9. NineInchNachosX2 38 months ago | reply

      free bradley manning!

    10. elveronthedwarf 38 months ago | reply

      Maybe the probable cause is the big sign on the side of the truck that says "I might be carrying stolen classfied material".

    11. ski-lo2010 38 months ago | reply

      You are confusing issues of criminal procedure. Probable cause would be required for the stop generally (although Capitol police may operate under slightly different rules, if the area is considered a federal installation, I am actually not sure how that works. I can only speak to police in a "normal" state jurisdiction). Here, in my experience the messed up bumper would probably suffice. More likely the police (again, if we were talking about a normal jurisdiction) would simply wait for any error or issue with driving (such as changing lanes without a turn signal). Once stopped, the officers are allowed to search parts of the vehicle as one of the exceptions to the warrant requirement of the 4th amendment. I'm not super sure that they would be allowed to search the back of a moving truck (seems unlikely), but this brings us to the comment that the officer was asking for permission to search. Consent will generally satisfy the 4th amendment, and therefor no probable cause would be required for the search. -Your friendly neighborhood law student.

    12. helder4u 38 months ago | reply

      Free bradley manning!
      A real hero with guts.

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