Brent Sommerhauser: Amidst, An Exhibition of Recent Coercions
The work for Amidst is a collection of recent coercions.

By a series of interventions, I aim to charge the objects in this exhibition, making the imagined more tangible while romancing the real. Not unlike lassoing a daydream to get a better look; tugging at lucid moments each afloat in their own way, saddled with fuzzy recollection.

The work in this show comes from a long-standing curiosity regarding invisible
forces bumping into visible material, and about memory and structure. A "tangle of
matter and ghost", as Leonard Cohen mentioned a time or two.

Several of these new works combine unspoken narrative with recognizable and useful objects to create a few props to experience. In other words, they merge two types of memory - the discreet mental process and that of physical space and familiar utility.

This show includes works in blown and sculpted glass, experimental photography,
directed sound waves, wood, paper, a few pencils and a little wind.
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