Beach cleanings Nata SOS 2007

A huge SOS made out of garbage !

In a set of 3 days we tried to clean the beach in Nata. We started with 3 people May 2007 where we gathered the garbage and made a big 'o'. September 2nd we had 14 people together and made two ' S' which got us to SOS and had a helicopter flying over taking a picture.Sept 23rd we had 43 people and cleaned it all up!. We had 140 full garbage bags, about 80 pieces of Styrofoam, 100 buoys, a tv a fridge a pink panter and much more!Hopefully we will organize an anual event where we will combine cleaning and having fun.

Beachcleanings movie SOS 1

Beachcleanings movie SOS 2
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