Spanish Fire School (Escuela para Bomberos) 2014
The 48th Escuela para Bomberos en Espanol drew 649 international firefighters for the unique opportunity to train at Brayton Fire Training Field on July 6-11, 2014.

Many participants rely on personal savings to attend the annual fire school, which has earned the reputation throughout Latin America as a top-tier training event. This year, the largest contingent came from Mexico, followed by Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Besides attendees from Latin America and the U.S., there were 12 students from Spain.

The week of challenging and intense training covered topics from basic firefighting operations and hazardous materials incidents to rescue techniques and officer development. The classes were conducted entirely in the Spanish language with the assistance of 195 guest instructors and safety officers who volunteered their time.

On July 9, instructors, firefighters and TEEX staff paused for a ceremony at the Guest Instructors Memorial Wall, honoring the memory of 16 tenured guest instructors who died in the past year, along with those whose names are already inscribed on the wall.
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