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    Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim + Redscaled Agfa Vista 400. (Courtesy ofThe Wishy.)

    Holiday experiments with redscale... (August 2009)
    I did not line up the film, nor take notes, nor plan the compositions. I did decide to shoot the entire roll through on Lewis/Harris and after respooling, shoot over it on the remaining islands we were visiting - Berneray, North Uist, Benbecula & Grimsay, South Uist, Eriskay, Barra & Vatersay.

    The negatives were returned uncut as requested, but I did get lab scans. I have cropped where I feel it is most helpful to do so - the luck of the draw has meant there was very little (if any) frame overlaps on this roll, which made me very happy.

    Basically it involves taking a roll of ordinary 'bog standard' print film, reversing it and respooling it into another film canister (all done in a dark bag) so that the light is exposed on 'the wrong side of the film' when you take a shot. You then lose two 'stops' on the optimal exposure conditions from the original. It gets developed in exactly the same way as print film, but be prepared for the technician to be a little startled (at best) or a little irritated (at worst) when they realise that something very odd has happened to the film. :)

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    1. Burningtoothpick 53 months ago | reply

      awesome colors!!!

    2. NabzIsALamb ✮ 53 months ago | reply

      oh my very nice and great tones!

    3. HopsMaltYeast 53 months ago | reply

      Wow - this came out amazingly well, considering the randomness of the two shots happening to come together.

      Really interesting image.

    4. Trapac 53 months ago | reply

      @ Today is a good day: You are utterly charming and very affirming as always. Thank you. :) To be fair - my presence on flickr has been erratic and although we did this trip in August, I didn't start uploading them until mid-November. If it helps to give you advanced warning of these things, we are going back there in 2010. :)

      @ Espressobuzz: Wow! What a co-incidence, I had no idea National Geographic were covering them too, thanks for the issue details, I''ll definitely look that up. We had not heard of them either before this trip, they seem to be a very well kept UK secret with Stonehenge taking all the glory. In my view, Calanais I, II & III win hands down....

      @ bradman334: A lot of my doubles end up with that 'haven't got a clue' factor, so it's nice to know that I'm being consistent at least! ;)

      Thanks for continuing to drop by here from time to time, despite my own inability to carry out return visits with any kind of consistency or regularity. Thanks also for the goodwill festive greetings, sorry I'm so tardy to respond but please accept my good wishes to you & yours, along with a plentiful supply of good things in the coming year.

      @ m+b: Thank you once again, looking forward to actually meeting you in the new year too. :)

      @ mono bloom: It's a magical place, so your comment makes me very happy. Thanks.

      @ lawatt: Must be the red shift that does that, thanks for coming by once again.

      @ Lastaii: Thanks, I must admit that I was quite chuffed with this one, but I think the version of these stones over the Bharpa Langas mound was my favourite bit of photographic serendipity from this roll...

      @ celia.c, Daniel Uriol, Matt(ikus), readwrite, Dennis Calvert, & peterflash. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the picture. :)

      @ raindog: Glad you enjoyed this one, maybe I'll be able to get off my flickr arse and come over and have a decent gander over at yours soon. It would be about time....:)

      @ khc1013: That's such a huge compliment, thanks. I've learned so much from flickr and other flickr'rs, and been inspired by them too. It's good to think that I may be able to give a little back. Thanks once again for dropping by. :)

      @ -marcus-: Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm really glad that you can't buy this place. It's because they are owned by Historic Scotland, that the rest of us get to see them pretty much whenever we like.... Glad you like them enough to want them though! :)

      @ Dani℮l: Thank you. Thanks also for the Christmas Wishes, please accept my good wishes in return, to you and yours for the coming year.... :)

      @ -fiona-: Aw thanks Fi....The technique certainly messes with time, so if the effect does that too, then I consider that a result!

      @ Bart van der Borst: Cheers!

      @ ρrakaz & Bern@t: Thanks again both.

      @ Ivan Sokolov, Victorciraptor, elginz, SMGallery (MooreandCruz.com) & suzanne_williams. Thanks to each of you for braving the end of a long comment stream, I'm glad you enjoyed the picture enough to say so...

      @ Holden Richards: Thanks Holden - it's all part of the development, I have a long way to go in my mind but it's good to have some encouragement along the way. :)

      @ Monica Saaty, Splattel, prussianblu, r.AI (-), Lolo!!, phoebird, polline, jdleung, burning toothpick & NabzIsALamb: Thanks to each an every one of you for dropping by - always appreciated.

      @ paraphrénia: Thanks for the invite, although I'm not able to keep up with my flickr friends or the groups I already belong to, so I shall gracefully decline. Appreciated the sentiment though. :)

      @ Dr Joolz: Joolz! :D *instantly guilt trips self*. Thanks for that - seriously although with these doubles luck is a big part of it too...

      @ HopsMaltYeast: Thank you. Yes - I'm increasingly interested in how much 'random' is really 'random'. I suppose this had half a chance given that these islands are full of standing stones, fine beaches and glorious landscapes. The mix of these elements on either end of our journeying would have helped increase the hit rate I guess. I've yet to develop another double experiment during the same holiday - the road trip doubles. Exposed the first time on the journey up, then exposed a second time on the journey down.... I may not be so lucky with that one.....

      Still, we live in hope! ;)

      Thanks for coming by - it's always good to see you, you always remind me of K. :))

    5. Today is a good day 52 months ago | reply

      I still love this to bits!

    6. Today is a good day 52 months ago | reply

      National Geographic have an article on the Outer Hebrides this month. Classic Nat Geo stuff but not so inspired as your own.

      If the weather had been better next week I would have gone there. I have a week off and am at a loose end. I looked up flights and transport and stuff - weather is good over the weekend but then goes way downhill. I think the landscape there suits bad weather - but it looks *really* bad!!

      Perhaps I'll get those redscale films I prepared (thanks btw) shot next week now??

    7. - Hob - 52 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous ghoststones :)

      >Hearty applause<

    8. Trapac 52 months ago | reply

      @ Today is a good day: If Nat Geo came knowcking on my door I'd be chuffed to bits, but somehow I don't think I have their kind of style, still it's a nice thought.... Espressobuzz (further up the page) also mentioned the article, it's good to see the place get a well deserved mention, although part of me hopes that everyone will decide to stay away so that it stays mostly uncrowded - empty even - most of the time. I guess that's just plain selfish of me though...

      It's pretty seriously inclement up there at the moment, but no doubt stunning beautiful even then, I would have been very jealous. We're heading back later this year, it's got so far under our skin we can't resist.

      Oh and....

      Shoot that redscale will you! It will LOVE these snowy conditions - light bouncing about all over the place!

      @ Hobsonish: Thank you once again. :)

    9. dosen_creek 24 months ago | reply

      This is inspiring!

    10. JasmineWalker:) 24 months ago | reply

      AMAZING use of redscale! incredible capture!

    11. CatMacBride 24 months ago | reply

      Congrats on the flickr blog Tracy!!!! :)

    12. Tom Greenhalgh. 24 months ago | reply

      Love this photo.

    13. borealnz 24 months ago | reply

      Congrats Tracy!!

    14. .alǝ 24 months ago | reply

      Wow ! Huge congrats Tracy :-))

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