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Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim + Redscaled Konica Minolta VX Super 200 + Double Exposure.


Continuing my ongoing experiments with Redscale - moving from the blunt application of that banging colour, to explore other possibilities beyond that... A few of the early frames from this roll were shot on Clevedon Pier in North Somerset, with most of the rest of the first roll run through, taken in Manchester at the end of July. Then, the roll was reloaded and a couple of further shots were taken at Oxford, with the rest of the second run through shot in or around Bristol during August.


I did not line up the film, nor take notes, nor plan beyond striving for the principle of geographical contrast. The negatives were returned uncut as requested, but I did get lab scans - any overlaps of one frame over another, are a result of this. I have cropped where I feel it is most helpful to do so, so any inclusion of frame overlap is these uploaded images has been an active choice. I will almost certainly return to the negs with a home scanner to search for alternative compositions to complement these.



Basically it involves taking a roll of ordinary 'bog standard' print film, reversing it and respooling it into another film canister (all done in a dark bag) so that the light is exposed on 'the wrong side of the film' when you take a shot. You then lose two 'stops' on the optimal exposure conditions from the original. It gets developed in exactly the same way as print film, but be prepared for the technician to be a little startled (at best) or a little irritated (at worst) when they realise that something very odd has happened to the film. :)


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Taken on July 26, 2008