TEDxBerlinSalon "Chances. Challenges. Changes. Development 2015 and Beyond."
2015 is a special year for development. For governments, development organizations and citizens all over the world it is an unparalleled opportunity to show their commitment to eradicating poverty worldwide and to inspire more people to get engaged and involved in development. 2015 is also the year in which the Millennium Development Goals that the world agreed to reach in 2000 are reviewed and in which new targets are set. It is the year in which the international community will agree on the future global framework for sustainable development and in which a new climate agreement will be drawn up. In short, 2015 is both a new beginning and a deadline.

This TEDxBerlinSalon was dedicated to the Year for Development. With this event, we wanted to address the big issues that should be tackled during 2015-2030 from a national and international perspective: global health, fight against poverty, good governance and the rise of Africa as the continent of the future. Our speakers shared their views on these issues with our TEDxBerlinSalon audience.
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