• What reflective surface did you use? Sheet of glass on black cloth? Interested as to why this seems to be a double image of sorts. V impressive shots though! - george_wolfe
  • Single sheet of 1/4 inch plexiglass (5mm roughly) on black fabric. The dual reflections are caused by the two surfaces of the plexiglass. One reflection from the top surface, one from the bottom.

Proof of concept

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After reading and looking at the cool setup done by the guys over at DIY Photography blog, I decided to try my own setup of this kind of product shot. It worked out nicely towards the end.

This shot had minimal photoshopping, contrast and vibrance adjustment ONLY.

For this shot I substituted the un-ironed backdrop with a bit of foamcore to give a smooth background surface, and it dramatically improved the image.
The Setup shot is next, followed by some test shots with other items from my collection of robot toys.
Set up here

Strobist Info: One speedlight camera right 1/2 half power, foamcore reflector camera right. Second strobe below table gelled and gridded 1/2 power as well.

  1. udijw 78 months ago | reply

    This is a great setup :)
    I agree with the note about the double reflection, it takes away from the image. I am going to find a solution for this.

    http://www.diyphotography.net/an-ode-to-my-power-supply-unit-setup-shot (?)

  2. ted.sali 78 months ago | reply

    Simple solution, actually. Use Black plexiglass rather than clear. I just need to pick some up.
    And some white translucent stuff too.

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