2016-03-19 Recitative @ 395, London
Recitativo – Fragments (after Lucretius and Negri) explores both the relationship between the speaking voice (as a kind of narration) and the possibility of creating an open work that integrates sounds and images. As a continuous work-in-progress, this project is reformulated (both in form and content) in its different iterations, and also coordinated as a structure that can incorporate other autonomous pieces. Central to this project is the creation of a text that brings together a patchwork of fragments, whilst also exploring space, location and specific ‘things’. It interweaves fragments from Lucretius’ poem ‘On the Nature of Things’ and Antonio Negri’s political reworking of these ideas in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The work does not attempt to illustrate these ideas but uses them as the basis for making sequences of text/image/sound that will act as potential vehicles for them.
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