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littl' gecko, cast your shadow (old nursery rhyme, | by teddymb
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littl' gecko, cast your shadow (old nursery rhyme,

that i just made up.)

(personal fave)


ok ok, you ARE right, but lizard does not rhyme with shadow, does it? (wisecrack, ***###!!knowitalls!)


some info on the details:


total length of subject under consideration about 5 cm, or 2 inches, for dimension deviants.


weight probably a few grams, if at all, roughly equal to 1/30th of an ounce, equalling something like 1/10 000th of 1.41424 stones. tail fits into a 0.2857142857... mm diameter hole (3^2 / 256.1024 square inch, unfathomable fathoms, 0.0 00 000 2718 nm (?! eh, there is something wrong here. however i got no clue what) )


pressure at foot tips about 0.000001732 kpsi, 3.1415 miuPa, -42 dB re 5e-6.7 MPa


go stick your head in a pig


no offense meant to devout believers in left handed dimension systems btw. however after some 30 (or was it 300?) odd years perchance you might consider going metric. drivin on the correct side of the road.


gecko rhymes badly enough ...

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Taken on January 24, 2003