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Red-throated Loon - Farewell, Brave Loon

A turn of events....


Sunday, Sept 16 - The loon has not been rescued by PWC. I called them this morning.


On the morning of Sept 13th, I found the loon beached in the same spot as the night before. This time I got within 5 ft, but it quickly scrambled out of my reach into the water. I called PWC and asked them to stand by with help for a rescue later on.


When I returned in the evening, the loon was not on the beach where it had been that morning and the night before. It was in the water energetically bathing and meticulously preening each quill that had been stripped of feathers from the entanglement of fishing line. It repeatedly rose up and flapped its wings vigorously. This was a healthier looking bird than I had seen before. My observations tell me the loon had chewed away the fishing line, though a hook might still remain.


When I returned to my vigil the next day (14th) the loon had disappeared. I searched the harbor for 2 days without seeing the loon. I doubt it could fly with stripped quills and a weak wing. I'm hoping the loon has gone over to the sandspit and will continue to recover its strength and its feathers. If anyone sees this loon, please let me know.


If it beaches itself again, Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay 805-543-WILD (9453) might be able to attempt a rescue.


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Taken on September 13, 2012