Panasonic Dynamite8 Dealer Folder

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    Cleaned scan (recto-verso) of a 1974 Panasonic Dealer A4 Folder
    about promotion of "Dynamite 8" (Detonator or TNT) RQ-830S New 8-track player

    Upper handle had a dual function: transport and change tracks by pressing it

    In Red, Yellow or Blue ... (but also in white or Clear Smoked ! )
    slogan : "It looks like a detonator. It'll sell like dynamite." for the dealer in june 74
    turned into "It looks like a detonator. It sounds like dynamite." for the client in september 74
    ( )

    "Dynamite 8" vintage advertising on YouTube :

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    1. Hopelevich Hopelitchka 55 months ago | reply

      haha.. i love how the last line is "'s no bomb!".. funny how in 2010 the add would more likely read "'s THE bomb!" :)

    2. teddy_qui_dit 55 months ago | reply

      "This advertisement is full of explosive ideas ... to sell the player! " ;-)

    3. gonkedglookedslurped [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      We have some of these... have never seen it in white or clear smoked, though. Had no idea they existed. Would love to see how they look.

    4. teddy_qui_dit 55 months ago | reply

      @ Gonkedglookedslurped ...
      we can see a photo or two of clear and white (rare) version here:

    5. gonkedglookedslurped [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Oh, wow! Those look great! Thanks for the link! Now I gotta keep an eye out for them!

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