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    A stranger just returned from shopping. For some reason, I like the composition of this photo, although it'll be better if the subject has cleared the pylons in the background.

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    1. Wackylover 86 months ago | reply

      Ooh. Everyone's turned pro. Lol.

      National Day's Feb 23. Lots of people. And if you have telephoto lens, you'd have a shot at the VIP only areas where there'd always be events and dances by schools for celebrations. So us photographers would always have to turn to street photography. Swarms of people on one street. Maybe not as many as you'd expect, but many enough and they're usually stationary. That's the good thing. Haha.

      If the pylons and the plants were gone. Yup.

    2. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      Wackylover I turned pro because I thought of trying out the Flickr Pro account... and I must say that the experience is just awesome!

      I see. Looks like telephoto lenses are a must if you want to capture the real event, but I guess street photography is quite cool too! For some reason street photography reminds me of the really colourful and exciting gay pride parade in San Francisco. The photos are just amazing.

    3. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      I'm planning to get the 55-200mm VR, a cheap lens (about $300) and good since it has VR, the cheapest in Nikon's VR line-up, for my possibly last national day and Sultan's b'day celebration, before I graduate from uni, =p

      I'm still processing photos (haha, after about 5 months? I'm too lazy to process photos before I calibrate my monitor, I don't want to edit a lot, and found that later than my screen calibration was way off the standard and have to re-edit them, so yea, I'm still holding them..) taken in one the sultan's celebration, and if you haven't see them before, here's a few:

      =) Flickr is good, but I found it harder and harder to share photos with people, gah. I am leaning towards Picasa actually, the face recognition program is the most accurate one to date.

      I'm considering 1) own server + wordpress, 1 stop for blog and photos. Problem: it's hard to find a good webhost which you'll be sticking to for years, plus unlimited storage always sucks.

      2) flickr, but sharing photos is tough, because I don't want private photos to spoil my photo stream, and I wanted to protect photos of kids and my female friends (and some male ones too, haha). However, if you privatized the photos, they can only be viewed by non-members, but they can't download or look at the larger version, that's a tough one.

      the good is the community, reliability, and of course, the amazing re-size algorithm, haha, don't you think flickr has the best resizing algorithm? =p

      3), you should check it out, if I'm rich (cost about USD 40) and I have lots of photo to share, I will probably take it, amazing albums and navigation, work flawlessly. But someone from Brunei who used it before says it's very slow, *shrug*

      4) Picasa Web Album: getting 10GB would be enough until erm, 2-3 years? (as my collection increase) and by then, the basic plan should had been increased until 20-30GB, so that' not really the problem. What I don't like about picasa is that it only allows a single level of categorisation, flickr is just slightly better at 2 (sets + collection), smugmug has the best.

      Any recommendation for a really really good web host? and cheap too, lol. I am considering hosting on own server once again, and just put them in album using xml scripts, like those which can be generated with lightroom, =)

    4. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Hmmm speaking of unlimited storage, it is indeed hard to find a good one but I guess sticking to Flickr Pro account is good enough for me. At least it doesn't have a size limit on your account - it only limits your upload bandwidth. I haven't even heard of smugsmug before... gotta check it out. I've wanted to try out Picasa but I guess migrating my whole photo collection over to Picasa is a little troublesome. Plus, Flickr Pro is quite good for me already so I really have little incentive to switch :D

      Web hosting wise, I only use it to host my blog and photos. I'm planning to start using Flickr to host my photos instead by Wordpress seems to be a really good content management system. Flickr doesn't allow you to set thumbnail sizes and by default it's 500px in width. Ahh.

      I heard 1&1 is great, and GoDaddy sells really cheap domain names. I have been sticking to a local server for various reasons and have no plans to switch to a US server soon :P

    5. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      Does Flickr has a upload bandwidth? Or it is one which we wouldn't even bother about? =D (or were you referring to the max. file size limit?)

      Yea, my plan was to host all images (which are likely to account for more than 99.9% of my storage need, haha) over Flickr, and my blog/forum on a private server, but I am now planning to scrap my server, and move over to, they're pretty decent @ 3GB FREE, plus I don't have to hassle with all the updates, and yea, I didn't really customize my wordpress to the max like you, haha, so, I think I might not need a self-hosted wordpress. =p

      Yea, the migrating process can be of a troublesome, and well, what really struck me is the lack of a secondary organization level, haha.

      My actual rather confusing plan is to host anything that isn't photography wise (like a photo self-hosted to put on my blog, instead of hot-linking from other websites) can be left on my 3GB storage. Anything photography wise (not photos of friends) should be left on Flickr (non-PRO), and any photo sharing (for family and friends) should be on Picasa Web Album. How's that? Rather troublesome and since non-PRO flickr only allow 3 sets and 200 photos, I still need to create a portfolio, gah! xD

      haha, yeap, the 500px thing can be quite troublesome, but I like it since all the templates I use is 500 px or more (about 550, it's a popular size).

      1&1 is good? the package seems really neat tho', =) if it's stable and have good uptime, I'll consider. =D Well, it's good to stick to local host, it is very fast, =p plus have local after sales services, haha, and can pay without credit cards. =) Yeap, am planning to get something like ingsiang.Asia, hahaha. =D seems neat, =p

    6. Wackylover 86 months ago | reply

      not that confusing though. cuz that's what i do. it's just that for me, i don't have wordpress. so flickr is my photography wise stuff. picasa is all my blog and sharing photos. lol.the only i time i'll consider migration of photos, would only be when i run out of space or consider a much much larger involvement in photography.

    7. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Oh my bad! The upload limit of 100MB per month is lifted if you get a pro account. The pro account only limits the size of your photograph up to 20MB and that's all. You can uploaded an unlimited number of photographs if you have a pro account. Check the comparison between free and pro accounts here.

      Yea Wordpress is upgrading too quickly and manual upgrades are kind of troublesome while automated ones (facilitated by plugins) are usually risky and not completely problem-free. Going with is a great idea and I never knew that have this 3GB storage space for you! Cool!

      The standard width of most blog content containers are able to accomodate images that are 500px in width - it's kind of like the unspoken standard when it comes to blog layout designs. But since many people are moving on to wide screens I can see in the near future that this standard will be scrapped. Hah!

      1&1 isn't bad but then if you do the conversion it isn't really cheaper than any local servers. Locally hosted websites load a lot faster too! I can say that because the aftermath of the 2006 Taiwan Earthquake which snapped trans-Pacific cables screwed up many websites except mine :D teehee since mine is hosted locally. But then to foreign visitors my blog loads pretty slowly... well that's the price I have to pay I guess.

      Wackylover Oh I just dump all my photos into Flickr heh. Usually I upload to Flickr for display and then upload to my own server for my blogging purposes, but I'm now considering using Flickr to host all my photos. But that means wasting the 10GB of storage space on my server haha!

    8. Wackylover 86 months ago | reply

      wow. that's a lot. lol. but well, you can always have back ups? and umma... like ingsiang said, sharing photos with flickr through blog can be a little bit troublesome. at least, i myself haven't found a way around it, unless there's something better in pro accounts?

    9. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      Wackylover Yeap... to be true, so far I only have a couple of panoramas that are beyond 20MB hah! Most of my photos linger around 3~4MB each so it shouldn't be a problem to most users.

      I don't think Flickr does offer manual backups but I have all the faith in the team that they do system backups a few days or so. Being such a huge photo sharing website and thousands of people paying for photo storage, it will be tragic if they don't do backups.

      So far I have not integrated Flickr with my blog but I think it wouldn't be a problem hotlinking Flickr images unless the owner sets it as private. But then of course when displaying others Flickr photo it's always better to get their permission first. Just copy the image URL and past it in the WYSIWYG editor will do :)

    10. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      haha, yea, local host is really good considering your visitors are mostly your friends. But I think when I go university, things will get tough and managing my blog will really eat up my time, and I will once again, end up lazy and wasted the advantages of a self-hosted website, haha.

      Actually sharing photos on blog through flickr isn't hard, it's that if you want the photo to be private, and yet share it with friends (in an album), there's no way you could allow them to download.

      post photos from flickr to blog is actually very easy, you go to "all size", and choose the size you want, then there's a pre-generated html code for you, it's actually very handy, that's how I do it now.

      Anyway, I guess I'll stick to the plan, use flickr as my photography, photo-sharing (more like photo archiving), and then some weeks later, I'll start migrating my blog over to, and any photos that doesn't belongs to me, or aren't useful except for the sake of blogging (eg. print screen), those will go to free storage. =D

    11. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Sorry to hear that you're moving away from your self hosted blog! Actually to think of it, you can retail the domain but still blog through, although I'm not sure how to do it (but it's possible). Perhaps you might want to sneak around the WP forums to check it out.

      You can make photos visible to others but restrict download - it is achievable through the settings part of your account :) heh! Posting photos aren't that troublesome like what you've mentioned. Flickr actually does a great job at sharpening the thumbnails! I love their algorithm to bits.

    12. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      Haha, told you the resizing algorithm rawks, =D

      What do you mean by 'retail' my domain? Well, I wanted to get something easier to remember, like, the current vrien-den will con'd to redirect to my wordpress blog until it expired, by that time, most people would use instead, =p

      yeap, I am restricting all download (all size) on all of my photos, but that means even my friends can't download them (unless I give them the actually links, i.e. hot links of the jpeg files), =\ I prefer to copy html, than using the image thingy of wordpress because they hang on my connection, sometimes. -.-"

    13. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Wow this photopage is turning into a mini forum hahah!

      I have to agree that the resizing algorithm serious rocks - the thumbnails are not too sharp (such that it creates noise) and yet not too weak. It's just like Goldilocks's porridge - not too warm, not too cold :D

      Whoops I meant 'retain' the domain haha! Sorry. My fingers are a little numb after so much writing for the papers. I'm thinking of getting a better domain too but the redirection part is too cumbersome :( gee. Recently, the .me domains are out already! So you might be interested in it.

      Really? I never know how does the restricting download works. That means we can't view 'All Sizes' is it?

    14. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      Exactly, that's what flickr is for! communicating! xD

      Haha, what's a Goldilock's porridge? A singapore delicacy? xD

      Haha, yea, well, just re-direct the vrien-den to that blog, then after it expired I buy new one and redirect to there again, lol. Now I am trying to get a hang of and see if I really want to migrate, =p

      .me? That's so cool, expensive kah? I'll want you to check out something irrelevant too, RED camera, google it. crazy shit. >.<!!

      You can set in your a/c setting, so the "all size" button won't be there, i.e. people can't copy anything other than your default size, so yea. My way is upload full size, so my flickr works like a full-size photo-sharing (only friends who are marked as friends and family can view and download full size, and view/download private photos) and photo backup site, haha. =D

    15. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Oh Goldilocks is a character is this story for a girl stumbling upon a house habited by bears. Remember that story? She tried papa bear's chair, too hard. She tried mama bear's chair, too soft. She tried baby bear's chair, just right. The same thing for the porridge - too hot, too cold, and just nice. Referring to something as Goldilock's (noun) means that it's just nice and not too much for either extreme.

      .me isn't expensive I hope. Not too sure about it. RED camera is insane! It weighs so much I will probably die carrying it around.

      Oh ok I get the idea of the sizes thing. Thanks for explaining!

    16. IngSiang (Vagabond) 86 months ago | reply

      I see, haha, yea, I know that story, but most (if not all) my childhood stories are in mandarin, =p

      Haha, when you have enough cash to buy one, you probably have enough to hire someone to carry it for you too, HAHAHAHA! xD I like their modular system idea, I think it's something that could be considered, it's like DIY PC, =) (although there's no industrial standard in camera industry, so, probably you can only DIY using the same company's parts)

      No problem, =D

    17. teddy-rised 86 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Too bad the RED camera suffers from a few artefacts. One is due to the rolling shutter, which means that a single frame captured by the camera is not exact what is seen at a single instance - meaning that scanning from the top to the bottom of the frame there is actually a slight time lapse. This causes the objects that are quick moving in the videos to appear to be slanted / skewed in one way or another. And there is this overexposure problem too, where pointing towards the sun will not give you white but purple - but they're fixing the problem in the next model. Too bad there is no solution for the rolling shutter problem :(

      Yea if I want to get one RED camera I probably have to save up for a hunky assistance to help me lug the whole damn thing around XD plus he can double up as a body guard! Woo!

    18. IngSiang (Vagabond) 85 months ago | reply

      Hahaha, he might ran away with that camera, =D I didn't know about the rolling shutter thing, but, does that make it a better low-light performer?

    19. teddy-rised 85 months ago | reply

      IngSiang (Vagabond) Actually I don't know much about rolling shutter :P is there any correlation between low lighting performance and rolling shutter?

    20. IngSiang (Vagabond) 85 months ago | reply

      Nope, I was confused with video and stills, haha. Video usually looks good even at low light, haha (because doesn't have to freeze the subject). xD

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