periodic table of controllers V.2.5 UPDATED

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    1. TabbykatTabasko 71 months ago | reply

      Wow, a lot of "you forgot and you should have done this" This is his idea/design and it is great in its own way. The concept of using the periodic table was a great way to lay them out, this was meant to be video game geeky not scientifically logical.

    2. PatchandDot 70 months ago | reply

      this is great!

    3. ratsj 70 months ago | reply

      A whole world I never knew about and kinda wish I didn't now. That really is quite remarkable.

    4. K.E.R.F. 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called CMYK design, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    5. fuzzball2k 69 months ago | reply

      You offer a printed version of this? I'd buy a copy

    6. alxflickrrr 65 months ago | reply

      Great image. Thx...

    7. obscuranta 64 months ago | reply

      You do realize that if you turned this into a t-shirt, you would be richer than Croesus, right?

    8. A.J.S Photography 63 months ago | reply

      Love the table, class!

      But, where's the Amiga CD32 controller? :o

    9. Bodo Elsel [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      Great idea !!!

      Really amazing work !!!

    10. tmlim526 57 months ago | reply

      I'm going to make a poster of on our 42" plotter.

    11. here_downunder 55 months ago | reply

      Seriously, add the iPhone/iTouch. It is one of the best selling game platforms, outselling the Sony PSP and Nindeno DS combined!

    12. Find-it 54 months ago | reply

      very nice !!!!! this is the embodiment of the true periodic table

    13. Super Train Station 45 months ago | reply

      Great work there!

      The only constructive advice I can offer for future versions is that Nintendo's 3rd iteration of the Game Boy is "Advance", not "Advanced" , and that "Game Boy" is styled as being both words being capitalized in the official Nintendo literature. Perhaps it would be neat to add the Virtual Boy too to this list, but of course this is excellent as it anyway.

    14. Emitla 43 months ago | reply

      obeisance for author!!

    15. ehurtley 42 months ago | reply

      Hah! Was just at "Portland Geek Trivia", and one question was: "Every day, the internet coughs up a chunk of awesome in varying sizes. One day in 2009, the internet hawked up the Periodic Table of Controllers. THESE are but a few of the elements on that table. For one point each, match the controller layout with its console", along with four pictures from your wonderful table.

      I earned the awe of my teammates by INSTANTLY spouting off the four. (Dreamcast, N64, GameCube, Atari 2600.)

      So I had to go look you up again.

      And now I notice it needs updating! (3DS, for example.) Also, I just realized that you're missing the side-buttons on the Intellivision controller.

    16. AriCatPaw 28 months ago | reply

      Soooo, likelihood of a poster? Because WANT.

    17. fuzzball2k 17 months ago | reply

      I now have the means and resources to produce this image in a single or mass production form.
      if I can get your consent?

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