Swedish Beers Edition #13 Barcelona - 28 Feb 2018
A collection of photos from this year's Swedish Beers party in Barcelona on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Muy Buenas.

Sponsors: Equal Experts; Headforwards; 1NCE, x-Mobility, Evernym, 51 Degrees

Supported by: WhiteBull Summits; Idka; ZZZ.co.uk; Noba Ventures; JoshuaPR; When In Barcelona; Kairos Futures;

Photo credits - Erika Arias www.erikaarias.com/

Crew: Helen Keegan; Ida Mogren; Rosa Vidal Aguilar; Patrick Smith; Shafiq Mumani;

Thank you to Carolina and her team at Muy Buenas for having us in her beautiful bar.

And thank you to everyone for coming. It was a blast! Until the next time...
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