Webuquerque: Burn It Down and Start Over
Ignite New Mexico is a community-driven conflagration of ideas, visionaries, and rapid-fire fun. A lively, off-beat event like Ignite NM needs a website that can keep up!

This case study will be useful to anyone who has:

Curiosity about ways Drupal does things
Interest about how the Ignite NM site encourages an involved community year-round
Willingness to keep their seats without shrieking like a banshee at glaringly obvious design blunders
Speaker Cameron Goble will reveal the decisions, advantages, and pitfalls that came with relaunching IgniteNM.com. In particular, he will explore the mechanics of unifying many webservices under one set of Drupally tools, connecting more deeply to the community, and automating the Ignite NM world in Drupal 6.0 — and possible upgrade paths to Drupal 7.
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