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Memorial to a Shooting Victim, Bennett Homes Project, Chester, PA | by Entropic Remnants
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Memorial to a Shooting Victim, Bennett Homes Project, Chester, PA

There's a story to getting these if you're interested -- there's three pics so far in this series.


I have a small prison ministry which has expanded into working in the city of Chester. I go there a couple of times a week to do Bible studies and on Sundays I pick some folks up (I fill my minivan) and bring them to my church.


Every week I've been looking at this tree with the stuffed animals and wondering, "What happened here?" and the folks I pick up didn't know.


On August 16th, 2009 I decided when I was picking up the folks for church that I would take a couple of pictures. I was dressed in "business casual" and a tie -- my normal Sunday get-up.


As I began to photograph a man accross the street started yelling agressively, "HEY! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! WHAT YOU DOING, MAN!" -- he wasn't happy. I walked over to him and explained who I was and I've been telling people about it but wanted pictures so I could really explain it and asked him what happened there.


He told me his brother had been shot by a state trooper in 2006 -- no explanation other than that -- and the family keeps up the memorial and has for 3 years now. They add to and replace the animals as they get too worn and faded and keep up the graffitti on the house across the street -- which is there with permission of the owner -- to commemorate his brother. He indicated the family is still involved in legal action over this but I haven't found anything on this on the internet on a quick search. I'll expand this if I do.


Regardless of why he was shot, it's a tragedy when young men die like this and way too many die in the city of Chester in places like the Bennett Homes Project.


If you are praying folks: pray for the people in the cities. It's pretty rough out there right now and I can say that with first hand knowledge. Why should you care? Because it's people living and dying without hope and we all should care about that.


Thank you. I hope to bring more stories of the city from time to time through pictures but of course I don't know what and when.


Here's the other two companion pictures:

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Taken on August 16, 2009