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Broken Jaw... | by Dr. Dax
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Broken Jaw...

Here is the story of why this image is named "Broken Jaw..."


This is a story of a photographer named Dan who was very new to photography but has always respected and loved nature. Dan had never really had any kind of photography training what so ever, but always saw the beauty the world had to offer, but never really knew how to capture it. Dan then met a really nice guy who Dan later grew to considered a friend. This friend had influence Dan to pick up a camera and start shooting which he did and very quickly fell in love with. Well, after a few months he was learning more and more about photography but was still considered very "green" in the photography world, but Dan understood it would take a looooong time until he could build up the skills it takes to become a great photographer. In the mean time he started having people offer to purchase his images. So he gladly started selling them. Then more and more people started to purchase images and Dan started thinking , "Hey, maybe I'm on to something here." So he started up a website and spread the word of his work through social media and people started to take notice. Dan started getting orders in from around the world and was able to make enough to pay for his mortgage every month. Even Dan's wife was very supportive and even told him to, "save some of the money and buy yourself some better equipment. That way as you grow as a photographer you can gain familiarity with your camera as well as the skills of photography and really dial in the use of your tools to capture such images." Dan was overly joyed with such support and in just 3 months he had sold enough of his work and saved enough money to purchase all new equipment which he knew was going to take a lot of work to learn to use but would well be worth it in the long run. Dan did not feel his new equipment would make a better photographer by any means, but he did want to be familiar with better equipment as his knowledge and experience became better as well. Dan knew he had worked hard to earn the money and was proud of his accomplishment.


Now that Dan had new equipment, he was very excited because his old equipment was 7 years old and very "entry level" as far as photography goes and he wanted to learn as much as he could, but do it with the best equipment he could. And with Dan's new camera he was learning and adjusting and trying to figure things out as all photographers do with their new needless to say things were not dialed in precisely as he would have liked, but he was making a great effort to try and learn. He was also starting to learn more and more about post production work for his images, but was not a computer savvy guy so this was very difficult for him to learn all on his own. Now in this time in Dan's life he knew he was a "work in progress". So he got out in the world and pounded the pavement and started getting jobs as a wedding photographer, shooting for local magazines, shooting models, shooting for business promotions and even got a job shooting for a government run landscaping company and received $500 every 3 hours of shooting they needed to use him for his skills. Dan was now taking every opportunity he could to hone in his skills and learn with every experience he was offered. At this time Dan was frequently being told by many people, for as little as he had been shooting he was doing a great job, and for the most part people were positive and encouraging and helpful with their "tip"s and "pointers" to help Dan become a better photographer. He had great social skills and found he had a way with people and they enjoyed that. And for someone who had only picked up a camera merely a short time ago Dan was making a small living while doing what he loved that only started out as a hobby.


Well at this time in our story there is another photographer who comes along and enters into Dan's life. He is very whinny, obviously not real smart, small minded, and just a real sloppy excuse for a human. He very much has the mentality of a 14 year old boy in a mans body with awkward social skills who really couldn't hold a conversation or fit in with anyone except other photographers, and even then others could only stand to be around him for a little while. He didn't know it but other photographers openly behind his back said they "put up with him" because he knew of many great photography spots and they too wanted in on these places. BUT....this is not saying this photographer did not have any skills... this photographer had years and years of photography education and experience under his belt which was undeniable. He had been shooting since he was a 14 year old boy and this made sense why he probably acted like such an adolescent as a man. He was a "photography nerd" so to say who openly said he could not sell a single image of his and just couldn't figure it out. But at the same time had an elitist mentality who openly and publicly spoke poorly of other photographers work.


Well, this photographer started making public remarks of Dan's photography. And not the helpful kind of remarks, but those kind of remarks that a 14 year old boy would make... poking fun and snickering at Dan for Dan's inexperience and images Dan had worked on. Well Dan found this to be quite tasteless, especially since the comments made were to Dan's friend who had originally got him started in photography. Now let me say Dan was a pretty happy and fun guy, lived life big and loved being a "class clown". But little did a lot of people know, Dan got picked on quite a bit when he was a kid and had grown into a very athletic, very tough, and was overly strong for his size. Dan also had years and years of experience as a competitive fighter which many people forgot about because he always cared more about being outdoors and being a class clown than fighting, but this did not mean he wasn't still a really tough dude.


Well one day when Dan was out in the middle of the desert shooting some photography, he ran into the photographer who had been making snotty elitist remarks about his work and was snickering behind his back to other people. So without questions or any words being said, Dan approached the snotty photographer as to casually walk up to him and say hello. The photographer knew who Dan was, but with his overly elitist attitude he did not say anything. At this point he knew he and Dan were alone out in the desert and there was nobody around except the two of them. Dan looked at the other photographer for about a minute without saying a word, and when the other photographer didn't grab his equipment and leave the area... Dan punched the photographer right in the chest. The photographer gasped for air and fell to the ground wheezing. At this point the snotty photographer knew he never should have picked on Dan or poked fun at his work. Dan proceeded to methodically sit on top of the snotty and elitist photographer and beat the photographers face to a disgusting pulp making him scream and cry like the little 14 year old boy he acted like. The snotty photographer proceeded to pull out a knife to use on Dan, only to have Dan over power him, take the knife away and leave him laying there in the middle of nowhere with a broken jaw.


The color of this image with the purple hue to it, looks like the same color of the photographers broken jaw as it was wired shut for the next 6 months. The photographer learned to choose his words wisely and mostly to keep his mouth shut in regards to publicly making negative comments regarding other photographers work. Now when this photographer is out in the middle of nowhere, he's always on the look out for Dan, who has no problems reminding him of what happens to people when they open their mouths to speak poorly of others.

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Taken on January 28, 2012