What can we ice?

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    1. clvrmnky 70 months ago | reply

      This is, of course, logically untrue. They /can/ ice anything. What they are saying is that they /won't/ ice it.

    2. t3knomanser 70 months ago | reply

      Can I get an iced americano hold the water?

    3. Felicity Shoulders 70 months ago | reply

      It is physically possible to ice a cappuccino or espresso macchiato, clvrmnky...but against health code in any state I've worked in.

    4. JookyG 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, even in Seattle, where coffee snobbery reaches stratospheric heights, I never heard anything this ridiculous... except in cases where the cafe wanted to make sure the customer purchased the more expensive iced latte, instead of taking an iced espresso and adding lots of milk at the condiment station. But at least they're honest about it and tell you why and then serve it in a very small cup so there's no room to make an iced latte. If it's against the health code in Washington State, it must be a secret code. But that's also ridiculous, because iced espresso is in fact the exact same ingredients as an iced americano.

    5. Mike's Car Pix 70 months ago | reply

      Sign should read "What WILL we ice", there's no can or cannot about it. Even Starbucks will forget about their stupid "secret language" if they're about to lose a sale over it. Yes, they have a right to refuse service to any one at any time for any reason. Just as I have a right to spend my hard earned money at an establishment who will serve what I order the way I order it.

    6. n6mod 70 months ago | reply

      @Eilonwy Anne:
      Wait, what? In what way does the health code prohibit an iced cap. when an iced latte is OK? You can't steam the milk and then pour it over ice? Why?

    7. tracer.ca 70 months ago | reply

      Eilonwy Anne

      .but against health code in any state I've worked in.

      What? Link? Reference? I've never heard of this.

    8. land_camera_land_camera 70 months ago | reply

      i like how crappy the sign is. ha!

    9. b0bfr0mb0st0n 70 months ago | reply

      Eilonwy Anne: What the hell are you talking about? Health codes forbid pouring espresso over ice? We all call BS.

    10. willsong 70 months ago | reply

      Having lived and worked in Europe and, thus, been in places with a coffee/espresso tradition that dates back quite a ways... espresso with ice is drunk there - - has been for many many years.
      Especially in the summer when it was the rich type at Lake Como (Italy) who were the ones able to afford to acquire the ice.
      Conclusion... coffee snobbery has been around for a long long time.

    11. timothypedersen 70 months ago | reply

      what a load of crap just make my fucking drink

    12. michaelk42 70 months ago | reply

      You know what? It's coffee. Shut up and make it. Screw the little sign. You CAN do it.

    13. DJVelveteen 70 months ago | reply

      You know, this is a bunch of crap. Next I'll have sommeliers telling me I shouldn't make a jug of sangria out of a $150 bottle of wine!

      ...or maybe I'll just listen to a professional's recommendation, instead of letting my sense of entitlement run rampant all over the people who make my food.

      To be specific, you can't ice a cappuccino because pouring it over ice destroys the consistency of the milkfoam, which is what makes the drink a cappuccino in the first place... same with macchiato. Icing a cappuccino is like aging a souffle.

      RE: Health code - I've heard more than once that you can't ice already steamed milk where I am (Whatcom County, WA); it may have to do with a "no reheating foods more than once" rule, though I've never looked it up myself.

    14. kyz 70 months ago | reply

      What a bunch of absolute twats. Please let there be a US/Iran nuclear exchange and please let the first strike be Murky Coffee and the insufferable, contemptible asshole who runs it.

      If someone wants to ruin their coffee, they can. They can pour salt in it if they like. They can even buy a coffee and not drink a sip of it, all that so-fucking-clever coffee-expertness gone to waste. Suck it up, you work at a coffee shop. Or worse, you're an asshole and you run one.

      I'm a software engineer. People have no idea what they want. When I help them work out what they do want, they often something that is absolutely terrible. So I make that for them. And they are absolutely fine with the extremely well designed and well written software that does exactly what they want it to do, even when "what they want it to do" is an utter shambles that no rightful person would ever want. I let them know they are idiots, they're completely OK with that provided I still make the software anyway. The day I refuse to make what customers want in lieu of what I think customers should want is the day my business deserves to fail.

    15. remmelt 70 months ago | reply

      If you don't like it, there's a Starbucks right around the corner (I'm guessing.)

      Snobbish "disciples of taste" are snobbish, but at least they have good taste.

    16. DixieDolphin 70 months ago | reply

      Puh-leeease. This is total bunk.

      While some standards recommend against combining ice and hot milk foam (hence no iced version of the Caffe Macchiato and Cappuccino), there is no milk foam in just plain old espresso.

      No reason why they can't freakin' ice it other than simple stubbornness and snobbery.

    17. mikel81 70 months ago | reply

      There are 8 Starbucks within a mile of Murky's.

      I'm just sayin'

    18. Felicity Shoulders 70 months ago | reply

      Heavens, I went away and didn't notice the replies. As some people did realize, my health code misgivings applied only to icing cappucinos and espresso macchiatos, which involve hot steamed milk and/or milk foam.

      I was perhaps oversure in my comment, because no foodworker training I had ever addressed the issue directly. No trainer contemplated the possibility that someone would WANT steamed milk foam with ice.

      However, my food worker training said it was considered unsafe to, for instance, add cold milk to steamed milk. There was one approved way for the shop to raise milk's temperature past the 'happy bacteria' range (steam), and no approved way of lowering milk's temperature through that range (cold milk must be kept under 41 degrees F, hot milk above 140). You steam the milk past the 'danger zone' (yes, they call it that), then you serve it. We were allowed to stop in the 'danger zone' if people specifically asked for tepid drinks, so it's probable that 'food safety' training standards are actually more strenuous than the letter of the health code. Putting ice cubes in steamed milk would almost certainly put parts or zones of the drink directly into happy-bacteria temperatures and keep them there.

      While I was serving coffee drinks, the only criterion on which we were allowed to refuse to make a drink was food safety. I would have had severe misgivings about complying with a request to put ice cubes in a steamed milk drink, based solely on that criterion. I don't have a specific statute to cite, though, and I'm sorry that I worded my comment in such a deterministic fashion. Have attempted to make up for it by rambling as much as humanly possible in this one.

    19. 20littledots 62 months ago | reply

      plain espresso is fragile, it will be shocked by ice. other things can protect the espresso though. that's why iced americanos or iced lattes work and iced espresso doesn't.
      it's ok that people don't have the same standards about coffee, but the it's the store's responsibility to serve only what they're comfortable serving because in the end, they're accountable.
      it's also not physically possible to ice a cappucino. and iced cappucino is not a cappucino.

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