Adult Center - December 2015
Oh my gosh, my golly. It's time for Christmas Quilts and Holly! We have gathered together a collection of Christmas Quilts to get you into Holiday celebration mode. Enjoy!

The quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Prescott Community Center are as follows, (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt in the southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location—Southwest corner):

Carolyn Edwards, quilt maker. "Camp Christmas". This quilt is a playful Christmas panel with four borders added. Machine quilted by Arlene Tribble.

(Large Quilts on the West Wall):

Kathleen Bond, quilt maker. "A Modern Christmas Quilt". Created and quilted by Kathleen in response to TBQ President Kay Wentworth's Modern Christmas Quilt Challenge last year.

Marti Harbour, quilt maker. "Christmas Sampler". Blocks were pieced by Popo Agie Quilt Club members of Lander, Wyoming, 2001. Machine quilted by Linda Johnstone.

Jane Holland, quilt maker. "Christmas Houses". A friendship quilt group called "The Young and The Restless" made and traded these blocks. Jane wanted a larger quilt, so she made more house blocks. This quilt is a Christmas "regular" as this is its 4th year to hang here for you.

(small quilt location—Northwest corner):

Susan Perry, quilt maker. ""Christmas with Friends". Blocks were made by "Creative Threads" mini-group. Quilt was finished for TBQ's P.I.G. Challenge (unfinished Project In a Grocery bag) in January 2010. Machine quilted by Mandi Rise.

(small quilt location—Northeast corner):

Pam Peters, quilt maker. "All Star Sampler". Pieced by Pam; machine quilted by Cindy Phare. All blocks are stars. The back is one large star block!

Large Quilts on the East Wall):

Carol Sweeden, quilt maker. "Carol's first Christmas Quilt." She had so much fun, she made a second Christmas Quilt for a church raffle.

Carolyn Edwards, quilt maker. "My Coxcomb". Not necessarily a Christmas quilt...but definitely Christmas colors! Hand appliqued by Carolyn. Machine quilted by Maggie Keller and Mickey DePlanche.

Norma Kurr, quilt maker. "Christmas Quilt with Holly". Christmas log cabin blocks and appliqued holly--isn't this just the perfect Christmas quilt!

(small quilt location—Southeast corner):

Kathleen Bond, quilt maker. "It's a Cowboy Christmas!" A quilt of cowboy fabrics and 'twister' blocks. Making 'twister' blocks is 'hot' right now! Kathleen put a yo-yo in the center of each 'twister'. Machine quilted by Kathleen.
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