Adult Center - February 2015
Happy New Year! And welcome to Our Happy Place! It's been about 3½ years since we've featured the quilts of one of TBQ's Friendship Groups. While our Guild has about 140 members who enjoy the monthly meetings and programs, it is the smaller Friendship Groups of TBQ that are the lifeblood of the Guild. Here is where friendships grow. Here is where many new Guild ideas, activities, and leaders are born. Here is where we work together to achieve goals of the Guild. There are around 20 active Friendship Groups within TBQ.

The quilts you see today were made by quilter friends in a Friendship Group known as “The Young and the Restless”...named after that soap opera TV show. It was established by the late Diane Holley in 2001 when she gathered together several friends and taught them to quilt. The group continues to meet today. And they feel Diane in their presence at every gathering.
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