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It a beautiful day for storms in... Feburary?

6 Image Panorama

ISO 100




First round of storms on the right, second on the left. Who would've thought that Maryland would see honest to god thunderstorms in feburary? The details in the scene were small enough that I decided to upload a higher resolution copy than I normally would (although it is still far from full resolution/quality). The two seams on the right side are the result of me not having a lens hood (which will be resolved in 3-5 business days), the sun light cuase subtle lens flare on only the right side of those 2 images and so the overall bright wasn't uniform and it's apparent now that their all stiched together.

For those of you who know a little bit about meteorology, it was an unusual setup for maryland. A strong occulded dryline (dry air mass forced above the ground by being sandwhiced between a cold front and the warm sector). A strong upper level low then cooled the dry mid level air as agressive warm air advection near the surfaced combined with a couple hours of mid day heating yeilded 500-1000 SBCAPE. The first round of convection was slightly ahead of the actually cold front and initial cells were discrete but transitioned to a broken squall line. Second round of stroms was weaker as the quality of the warm sector was somewhat comprised my the first round of convection. However, frocing along the cold was VERY strong and VERY well defined, to the point that hail was produced when there was insufficient CAPE for any hail threat

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Taken on February 25, 2011