Behringer C-2 Capsule Back - Baffle Removed

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    For some reason there are very few photos of the inside of a Behringer C-2 microphone available online. Only a handful of descriptions of the disassembly process exist, either, so I made this photo set and the accompanying descriptions in order to at least partially address this information gap.

    The black baffle plate can be removed from the capsule by gently gripping it on the inside diameter and unscrewing it. It's not a threaded part, but the hole in the center is undersized an the outside diameter is oversized so it presses into the capsule body. This is a tedious process, but it works.

    Underneath the baffle plate is a foam disk. At a guess it acts as a combination of a wind screen for the rear vents on the capsule as well as a delay plate to turn what should be a cardioid capsule into a hypercardioid (according to the logo on the side of the capsule body.)

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