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Conviction in Manifest Form * | by Ꭺɭwαעς 16 Иℴ√ємвǝɾ ( ♥ )
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Conviction in Manifest Form *

“In this way, the manifest form of Purushottam Nãrãyan is the cause of all; He is forever divine and has a form. One should not perceive any type of imperfections in that form – it is like a murti made of sãkar. Furthermore, one should meditate on, worship, and offer bhakti only to the form that one has seen. Furthermore, whichever human traits seem apparent in that God should be understood to be like the ‘mãyã’ of a magician. One who has such an understanding does not develop any form of delusion for that God in any way.”


~ Lord Swãminãrãyan, Vachanãmrut Panchãlã-7, 29 March 1821


“The most extraordinary spiritual endeavour for liberation is to understand Purushottam Bhagwãn, who is seated amidst the mass of light of Brahma, as eternally having a form. Furthermore, understanding that all avatãrs emanate from Him, one should accept the refuge of the manifest form of God by any means possible. One should also offer bhakti to that God while observing dharma, as well as associate with a Sant possessing such bhakti. That is the most extraordinary spiritual endeavour for liberation. One encounters no hindrances along that path.”


~ Lord Swãminãrãyan, Vachanãmrut Gadhadã III-36, 4 May 1829

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Taken on October 22, 2011