Prague, 1963

Photo from DDR Motor Jahr 1963 - A busy Prague street scene - how many vehicles can you recognise?

  • the new trail of tears 7y

    Join Car memories and Guesses and post it there? I can see a Wartie 411, series 1 tri-lamp Tatra 603, plus rears of some Skodas, along with what is possibly the rear of an early M21 GAZ Volga.

    Most exciting is the pair of Sachsenring P70 estates, made by IFA Sachsenring at Zwickau, and comprising a separate chassis, timber frame and duroplast cladding (body panels) 36,063 P70s of all types ( saloon, coupe and estate) were made between 1955 & 1959
  • Grant 7y

    Yes on the Wartburg and your Tatra (envy here!), are those little estate Skodas? California had the Octavia and Felicia only.

    On your Volga, it looks SOOOOO big, though. If I wanted to guess really exotically, I would guess it an 'EMW faux 307' from Eisenreich!
  • Brad 7y

    Interesting! When were Skodas sold in the US? I had no idea!

    It's amazing at the number of British and European makes of vehicles that were marketed in the USA during the 50's and 60's, many of which are long forgotten...until we collectively resurrect their memories on this forum!

    Besides the forgettable (please!) Yugo, how many Eastern Block makes were marketed in the USA?

    I'm sure the Wartburg was, wasn't it?
  • Grant 7y

    Good question, since this is a Skoda thread. But as has been pointed out, California is very large and has a most eclectic auto past, and I don't personally know whether Wartburg and Skoda were marketed officially in them other states.

    For the exact years, you would have to see when Octavia had a convertible version, Felicia. My guess is that the period was around 1959-1962. Once much later I was at a Chevron station at Sunset and either Highland or LaBrea, and a man agreed to sell me a used Felicia (!!!) for only $25. Twenty-five dollars. This was about 1970 or so. It looked in great shape, we made a deal and he had to go to LAX airport before coming back, and I needed to go borrow $25.

    He never came back.

    Yes, we had no Warsawas, but we did have new, officially-imported Wartburgs. Either way you pronounced them, there were chuckles.
  • Martin van Duijn 7y

    Ladas made it to Canada, and someone just mentioned a few days ago here that even Dacias were sold there. I remember I read somewhere, a long time ago (maybe 20 years) that Alaska was a place to find many odd cars, not sold in the other US states. Alaska had it own safety and emission regulations, that made it easier to import cars from anywhere over the world there. It was an article on how to spend a cheap vacation in Alaska and save on money for a rental car: buy a used car in Europe, preferably a Volvo, ship it to Alaska, use it during your vacation and sell when you leave.
  • nlpnt 7y

    Aha! There's a website on the officially-imported Warts!
  • tatraškoda 7y

    nlpnt, thanks for the link. The "Skoda/Wartburg Hate mail" page is just hilarious!
  • nlpnt 7y

    I almost have to wonder who'd be more nuts :-) someone buying a new Wartburg in America not five years after Joe McCarthy's day, or someone restoring one now at $1.54 to the Euro.
  • Stratillus 7y

    Great old photograph!
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