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More protesters organized during the Global Call for Action day,

for this decentralized edition of the VIII World Social Forum.


A major activity planned for the WSF 2008 in Sao Paulo was the adaptation of the "King Lear" play (Willian Shakespeare), performed in the streets of the city downtown. With creativity and good-humor, hundreds of people, cultural agents, activists, actors and people who were passing on the street at the moment, played at Sao Paulo's downtown

as a big stage. Participants were staging divided into four clans to a scenic confront.


The confrontation was between the Empire, white clothes; the Red Clan,

which defended land reform, family farming and Latin American integration;

the Blue Clan, with the workers' rights flags, welfare and education; and

the Yellow Clan, which defended the right to housing and the right of minorities.


The finalization happened in front of the City Hall, when all the Clans shot colored

water balls, painting the white clan - the Empire.


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Taken on January 26, 2008