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    where's Yuen Lai Lin? your chicken were screaming painfully for your return...!

    many stall owners just gave up their business in this situation...

    *Kodak Portra 160NC

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    1. brian sutton ages ago | reply

      so melancholy.

    2. 米米米 ages ago | reply

      看了好想哭唷 : - (

    3. mahonyweb ages ago | reply

      Sad situation :o(

      How're you finding shooting the different types of films? Personally, I'm not overly impressed with my Portra shots - they lack the sharpness I prefer.

      Velvia 50 is lovely, but I think a warm up filter is needed at this time of year to really release the colours.

      My shots on Provia have been lovely and sharp, and although I have had more 'misses' than with negative film, it's probably my preferred choice.

    4. * andrew ages ago | reply

      mahonyweb agree w/ your technical information a lot. i love provia also.

    5. * tathei * ages ago | reply

      thanks for your comment! :)

      你的意見我看了也好想哭唷 ! :P

      i love Portra as i previously said that. because i love its special color tones which brings a bit nostalgic feeling.

      Portria is more best for portraits.

      i do use Provia too but it can't be compared to Portra because Portra is a negative film designed for portraiture photography!

      * Andrew
      i know you love Fujifilm! hahaha
      but i prefer Kodak reversals, though i use Fujichrome sometimes. because i love Kodak's colors. Fujifilm is always too "realistic", except Fortia SP of course! :P

    6. P.D.B.E ages ago | reply

      look at those chicken feet, seems to be the long waiting...
      love the detail.

    7. Tanakas4Peace ages ago | reply

      really beautiful picture of a sad story. I guess it's happening everywhere, though. everyone is about making more money...

    8. * tathei * ages ago | reply

      Pink Dolphin & Blue Elephant
      wow your eyes are really good! or you were hungry? :P
      thanks! :)

      タナカさん、そうですね! コメントとてもありがとうございます!
      おかね頑張ってよね! :P

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