Cardboard Dollhouse 1309
A dollhouse for my 2.5 yr old made out of cardboard boxes and furnished with bits and pieces.

Details: Windows and roof shingles are white paint pen, windowboxes are foamcore board hot glued together (lots of hot glue here), Wallpaper is digital wallpaper from Ginger World on Etsy printed out at OfficeWorks and blu-tacked to the cardboard, furniture is mostly cardboard, although the kitchen table is a takeaway container cut up and the kitchen chairs are plastic wine glasses cut, I also splurged on some designer chair models from Japan of my favourite Eames pieces, the bathtub is a travel soap dish bottom (top is the kitchen light), shower is a Q-tip container cut and lined with tape, shower head is a play kitchen utensil, sink is a tealight tin, I actually upholstered the living room couch with batting over cardboard along with the bedroom chair, BBQ on the rooftop garden is a tea strainer with a cocktail umbrella.

She loves it and I love looking at it, so a win-win. Many of the ideas came from others and are pinned on my Pinterest board.

I do have plans for a pool area next... :)
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