The Tasmanian Wilderness
Explore images of the Tasmanian wilderness and early bushwalking through the TAHO collections.

TAHO has a range of items such as photographs, letters and diaries from some of Tasmania’s greatest wilderness pioneers. View archival bushwalking film from the 1930s or get a taste of our photographic collections featuring Deny King, Tenzing Norgay, Edmund Hillary and work from Smithies and Thwaites.

Frederick Smithies (1885 - 1979) was a Tasmanian conservationist, bush-walker, wilderness explorer and photographer exploring such as the rugged West coast, Frenchman's Cap, the Florentine, Rasselas Valley and walking from Queenstown to Cradle Mountain. Mr Smithies donated much of his collection to the Archives Office of Tasmania in 1975.

John Barras Thwaites (Jack Thwaites 1902-1986) was a conservationist and founding member of the Hobart Walking Club, Youth Hostels Association and secretary of the Scenery Preservation Board. He had a keen interest in photography, amassing a significant collection of his own images as well as a small number of nineteenth and twentieth century images from other photographers.

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