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The United Kingdom

As you can see, the rest of my wonderful order came in ^-^ now some might be quick to say that these are DARKWATER and you'd be partially right, the figures were based on the concept yes, but along with the Crysis 2 C.E.L.L. soldiers and some Battle Field 3 concepts in there too ;)


Now these wonderful figure are for my group, 21st Century Global Conflict. We'd been suffering in the activity department for awhile, and I though it was high time we have a change of story line, I'd been thinking on the story line might've been a bit less creative, etc. but none the less I came up with a much, much better story line, it's down below for those who'd like to read. And we are looking for two more members and if you meet the requirements, we'd love to have you in the group.








During this point of human history, the United State of America is the most dominant super power in the world, basically they've become the worlds police. Fighting for freedom anywhere and everywhere.


But with great power, comes great responsibility. The U.S. and her Allies were in a constant struggle between terrorist organizations and groups. With no real end in sight. When one organization was defeated, another would simply rise up and take it's place.





Two years later, after the defeat of the terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda the U.S. was still in this same struggle. But this time with a new group. Known as the Ash-Shabaab, centrally located in the middle east. Exact locations had really yet to be found.


Other issues of the world included massive amounts seismic activity. Primarily in the United States, California, New York, and Washington. Most of the seismic activity came from along coast line areas. This had lead researchers to believe that more seismic activity would occur in other coat line areas. As to the size of the quakes, that was really left up to location and where the quakes point of origin was.





During the next three year span the United State continually battled the terrorist group Ash-Shabaab, the group itself had been growing more and more. With massive amounts of support from other terrorist organizations.


But the U.S. was not the only country when it came to an issue. Of late, China had become a massive political debate. The Eastern half of China had declared it's independence from China itself, forming the Chinese Democratic Delegation, C.D.D. for short.


This new occurrence had rocked the world, and this was the first political statement that Communism was dying out. Obviously the other half of China would not allow such a change. Thus began the Chinese civil war.





During the five year span the U.S. lost it's spot light to the Chinese civil war. Which after five years, had finally ended in a peace agreement between the two countries.


And also during this five year span the United Kingdom, along with several other European countries began something called the "Green Project" this project was aimed at the well being of the earth itself. The United Kingdom, the spear point of the project began searching for things like re-newable energy, etc.





Just after one year the "Green Project" had found an experimental new energy source know as "Bio. 23" being as this was still experimental the discovery was kept quite by the countries involved, The United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.


Meanwhile the United States was still dealing with Ash-Shabaab, and trade between the two new China's had just started. Along with a very frail alliance between the two.


But back in the United States itself several large seismic earth quakes had rocked the Eastern sea bored. Primarily in New York and Maine, this activity quickly made the world news, putting the U.S. back in the spot light and along with it's issues, now brought into the harsh light of the media and the world.


Among the massive amounts of damage and death toll in New York and Maine, the U.S. was experiencing massive amounts of drought. These issues caught the attention of the United Kingdom and it's fellow allied countries in the Green Project. As fast as humanly possible, the Green Project set aside Bio. 23 and focused on helping the U.S.





The following year the United State National Guard successfully evacuated the, non-contaminated peoples from New York and Maine. With the seismic activity having caused earth quakes in New York and Maine, natural gasses from deep within the earth had begun to rise up.


Since the United Kingdom and the rest Green Project was involved with assisting the United States back up on it's feet, while it's military dealt with Ash-Shabaab in the middle east. The United Kingdom took the natural gasses into testing and found a shocking discovery, not only were the gasses highly toxic but had the same chemical make-up as Bio. 23


Immediately the United Kingdom had secured New York and Maine, with some difficulty. The chemical gases, now nick-named Bio-Start had caused the rapid growth of all plants in the area the gas had been released from. Lucky the gas stayed in New York and Maine and dispersed in the upper atmosphere. No real issues have yet to occur, or as the United Kingdom says. New York and Maine are still classified as infected and unsafe for any inexperienced and poorly equipped personal.


Rumor of people still in New York and Maine floats around. The United Kingdom have officially denied these rumors. But the people still wonder, what is the UK hiding? And as of late, the good communication between the United Kingdom and the rest of Green Project has diminished.


And now Russia has taken an interest in the search for new resources. But not exactly of the re-newable kind. Moving interests and business to South America, Russia along with the South American government discovered large amounts of fossil fuel deposits on the southern half of South America. Rumor of an alliance between the two countries have become much more frequent. As to how the alliance will work has yet to be discovered, but only time will tell.


Welcome to the world today.


-Created by Ghost, credit goes to TierMR and Medic!!! for ideas, etc.


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