Hawksbill Turtle.. I think

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    1. little_lily84 79 months ago | reply

      hey...how's this camera? thinkin about buyin it soon...

    2. TarikB 79 months ago | reply

      Well I got it to supplement my dSLR which is a pain to lug around and since i shoot alot at the beach I figured the underwater aspect was worth the premium on top of a normal compact p&s.

      Image quality is like most small cams, if you have good lighting it's acceptable but nothing compared to a higher end p&s or dSLR. Not to say the image quality is horrible but if you are used to a 'proper' cam you will find it somewhat lacking. That being said, its a great size, takes reasonable video, and you can take it pretty much anywhere without fear of breaking it. It also has lots of neat fluff features like pressure/depth display, alarm clock (great for when i travel for work) and sounds clips you can add to pics.

      For me it's a perfect second cam.

    3. little_lily84 79 months ago | reply

      noice.....i wanna get it for the boy n i figure this is the one camera that will survive him...all it needs is gps when he inevitably misplaces it n we'd be good.

      does it float at all btw? i was thinkin to get some kinda floaty thing to attach to it in case. i saw straps but they real expensive n bulky.

    4. TarikB 79 months ago | reply

      Defdoes not float. It's actually a really dense little package. Yeah floaty strap is something I may be getting for surf type stuff.

    5. little_lily84 79 months ago | reply

      hmmm good to know. i was plannin to do a make up thing...go to the fishing store up here in miami...bound to find something to attach to it

    6. carp75 79 months ago | reply

      amazing picture youre really good

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