Dark Moon Runner

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...and we're ready to speed out!

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  1. Tagl 21 months ago | reply

    Seems to be a fast one.
    Nice shapes and color scheme.

  2. tbone_tbl 21 months ago | reply

    The angles, greebles and stripes are amazing.

  3. Jeremy Devilbiss 21 months ago | reply

    this is a beautiful piece of work, well done!

  4. Umm, Who? 21 months ago | reply

    Very nice design, and some great part usage!

  5. .Tromas 21 months ago | reply

    This is absolutey rockin'. So, so many details to love!!!!


  6. soccersnyderi 21 months ago | reply

    Stunning colors and shape!

  7. Masked Builder 21 months ago | reply

    The tiny details add so much to the ship.

  8. LukeClarenceVan 21 months ago | reply

    That's incredible, one of the best starfighters I've seen. Every single aspect is unique and brilliant.

  9. quý 21 months ago | reply

    That just looks irresistible...to swoosh.

  10. : VolumeX : 21 months ago | reply

    Wonderful to see such a great colour combo. Good Job.

  11. =DoNe= 21 months ago | reply


  12. Jason.Curran 21 months ago | reply

    This is overflowing with WIN. Love the color scheme

  13. tardisblue 21 months ago | reply

    Everyone: Thank you so much for the kind feedback. :) I deeply appreciate it!

    Octopunk: That comment rocked. Your "Engine" sentiment amused me, as I was thinking of this as bit of a "Space Locomotive" during construction. Please ping me when you make your version! ;)

  14. the oneman 21 months ago | reply

    I love this ship, mate, this is exactly in my taste...that cockpit -> delicious :)

  15. -Pendragon- 20 months ago | reply

    This is so cool. Love the sense of power it radiates.

  16. Heiwa71 17 months ago | reply


  17. DaddyO_boomboom [deleted] 14 months ago | reply

    Oh man, somebody else has been getting their designs from Scott Robertson's art books. I tried to imitate the exact same ship but mine did not turn out near as good. I immediately recognized this one though. Great work!

  18. ~Mr. D~ 4 weeks ago | reply

    Love the hotrod look you gave this. The "hood-scoop" on top is perfect.

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