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My daughter (Thing 1) is completely obsessed with horses. She wants to be a horse trainer someday and have a ranch with lots of horses. She has loved them since she was 3 and she's 9 now.

Yesterday I took them all for a drive in search of cool things like fences and abandoned barns and such. Driving by, I saw 2 horses off in the distance and promised her that on the way back, we'd stop and look at them. She's been asking me to take pictures of horses so we can frame them and hang them in her room.
So, back to the horses we went. They were out in the field and stopped grazing when we pulled up, pretty far away. They stood for a few minutes, then started to come over to us. They walked all the way up to the wire fence next to the road where we were parked. Thing 1 was beside herself with excitement, and I thought it was pretty neat that they came over to us. They just stood there and watched us as we watched them and I took 5,386 pictures. (OK, I'm exaggerating.) For about 15 minutes, this is what we did. She wanted to pet them, but I wouldn't allow her to not knowing who they belonged to and what their temperament was. I wish we had the room (and the money!) to get her a horse of her own.

Isn't this horse beautiful? He is HUGE and was so calm and curious. I'll be sharing more over the next few days. :o)

(p.s. In my tags row=road, wish I could edit those!) Thanks Meg!

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  1. Luke Lavin 46 months ago

    If you want to know what it's like to own a horse, go to the bank and take out all the money you have. Pile it all loosely in your back seat. Roll down all the windows and get on the highway.

    Exact same thing. Maybe you could get her a riding lesson?

  2. sazzle-snaps 46 months ago

    He is very handsome!

  3. red * 46 months ago

    this horse is gorgeous and you took a perfect picture of this horse. I hope one day your daughter's dream comes true.

  4. jochenvde 46 months ago

    Wow that's a great focus and dof! Love this shot!

  5. Jaime973 46 months ago

    You're an awesome mom! I love the expression and that sweet little diamond on his (or her?) nose.

  6. [Angela] 45 months ago

    What a magnificent animal!! Stunning portrait ... I love it!

  7. Patricia Gapske 45 months ago

    Beautiful shot of a beautiful horse!
    I understand where your daughter is coming from, I too love horses, always have, always will. I wanted to take riding lessons when I was young, but that never happened. I hope that she gets to work with them some day.
    Btw...I've been thinking of taking some horse shots, I just never stop to do it. I always wonder what the owners think or if I should ask them for permission.

  8. iluv2bauntie 42 months ago

    Gives me shivers its so beautiful!

  9. *sweet potato pie* 37 months ago

    Really beautiful.

  10. jayfeather01 37 months ago

    Amazing photo! Great job! :)

  11. r_spin 37 months ago

    Love the story, love the shot, love the light and dof. Frame this for her, she will love it.

  12. lauraathome2005 /SinglEye Photography 37 months ago

    I'm SO pleased your image was selected as a group pick! Although several of the horse shots are beautiful, not many 'popped' out of the group like this one did! Congratulations!

  13. Blake n Donna Mc 37 months ago

    Fantastic shot...and even better upon reading the story behind it.
    I was a horse crazy girl, too. Finally moved to the country & got my horse at age 13...a dream come true for me. I hope your daughter's dream can come true too, one day.

  14. K.Young Photography 37 months ago

    They are naturally curious. And perhaps they were hoping for some carrots or apples. Take some next time! This is a wonderful capture. Well done on the PW mention!

  15. hootnonny (Now and Then) 37 months ago

    Congrats on PW...two, that's great!

  16. Bush Babe 37 months ago

    Lovely shot and great colours!

  17. alisonlassiter1 37 months ago

    I love this shot. Good work.

  18. LOV3$LIF3 37 months ago

    This shot is beautiful. it's like something i would see in a dream.

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