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The infamous rainbow cursor of death. On an alert that should be trivial to handle. Why?


Why does the "You are now running on reserve battery power." alert box deserve to lock up my machine? It's just a stupid notification dialog with an OK button. All the code to handle it should already be loaded, and I should be able to instantly dismiss it. But noooooooooo some weirdness in the internals of OSX decided that it was more important than being responsive to user input.


This happens so often in other similar situations (some random OS process decides it deserves more of the processor than the interactivity of the UI) that I finally had to capture it. I have no idea why this happens, and I would challenge Apple's OS engineers to take a hard look and fix this kind of crap.


There is SO MUCH processor power in today's Macs (heck even 5 years ago's Macs) that there is NO EXCUSE for EVER making me wait to dismiss a stupid alert box. No excuse. None. Except maybe shitty programming. Or maybe the OS really isn't FULLY preemptively multithreaded - because if it was - wouldn't there be at least ONE thread that had highest priority to service the user interface and never give a rainbow cursor? Or maybe some programmer thought there was something more important for the processor to be doing than serving user requests? Tell any such programmer that: "User requests are what computers are for!"

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Taken on November 8, 2006