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IOIO 2018 - Glass Frog 2 (above) | by Tankoda
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IOIO 2018 - Glass Frog 2 (above)

Designed and folded by Travis Nolan for the final task of IOIO 2018.

1 square sheet of double tissue (mulberry+tissue) with MC, 23 inches to a side, no cuts, glue, or paint. Color change (though it's a little hard to see) comes only from folding. The organs are white, the frog is green. Biggest sheet of paper I have yet made, and first time using mulberry. Both went well (though it took me forEVER to line up the edges of the two sheets of white paper which I had to combine to get such a big sheet).

The glass frog is a South American amphibian with transparent abdominal tissues, so its organs are visible when it is viewed from below. Check out images of a live specimen here: Glass frogs are amazing, and though I had seen pictures of them before the Olympiad, the idea to design one didn't come to me right away.

By the way, the theme was "Forest" - glass frogs live in rain forests, so it definitely fits the theme.

Anyway, I came across glass frogs again when I was looking for a topic to fold, and knew I had to go for it. Technically very challenging, yeah, but I wanted to go big. My first thought was box-pleating, but I decided to use 22.5 degree design instead. Which was difficult. For those who don't know, in 22.5 degree designs, the angles of the intersections of the creases in the crease pattern are restricted to multiples of 22.5 degrees. It's a much harder way to design, but yields better models.

Went through several revisions, but came to a final version that I am very proud of. UNFORTUNATELY I had to be under the effects of dental anesthesia when I folded the final version, so I know its not my cleanest fold. Which makes me mad, this could have been better...

Pictures still came out pretty good, but oyyyy. Will lose points with the judges for that, but hopefully they will still like it. Will refold (not on drugs) when I get the chance.

May be my best design yet though.


Glass Frog.

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Taken on December 10, 2018