• Jungle Queen
  • Mr. Bones (Lense of Bast page underneath)
  • Wonderful art from Jess Fink
  • Mini Robosapien
  • Phaser
  • Dalek
  • My old Powerbook G4 - used for scanning and stuff.
  • My Macbook Pro - This is my work machine.
  • Hard drives and USB hub.
  • Scanner
  • Prismacolor markers
  • Assorted crap.
  • Nautilus figurine.
  • Some thing I'm inking...
  • Wacom tablet
  • Speedball Super Black
  • Completely useless dangly bit.
  • Storage thingy - batteries, pens and other nonsense.
  • "The backburner" - Stuff I worked on recently or want to work on soon.
  • A closet!
  • Comics
  • Chair. I tend to sit on this.
  • EPCOT shiny postcards.
  • Yarrh!
  • Lamp with pirate dog tags. Yarrh.
  • NASA toys.
  • Shades. For shading.
  • Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II #2
  • The first page of a LofB story Daniel Lawson wrote for me which I never finished drawing. Ironically, Daniel writes the comic book which you see right below this. (Azerath - Ryan Wilton does the art)
  • Teaser for a Mark Selan zombie story. Not published yet.
  • Phosphorescent Comics sticker. Also shiny.
  • Coffee pin-up from Dreams of Tomorrow
  • That damned Space is Calling thing I did so long ago that's all over PF.
  • Pebeo brand Encre de Chine bottle.
  • Obscured picture. Sorry... gotta draw the privacy line somewhere. (it's my family and this is a large photo - I don't wanna call them all and ask if it's OK, so blacked out is my lazy 'out')
  • Jill Tomorrow cover
  • Comic board
  • More paper and assorted stuff.

My Desk: Redux

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The desk where I never seem to be drawing comics... (Update: I switched to an iMac for the desk.)

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