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When reading up on Carbon, I found that there is almost too much on the element! I mean Carbon is the fourth most abundant chemical element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen and it is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth's crust.


Not to mention that Carbon is essential to all known living systems, and without it life as we know it could not exist... Carbon compounds form the basis of all known life on Earth, and the carbon-nitrogen cycle provides some of the energy produced by the Sun and other stars. There are several allotropes of carbon of which the best known are graphite, diamond, and amorphous carbon.


I mean its everywhere!! There is Carbon Dating, the Carbon cycle, shoot there is even a carbon footprint now!... lol just start typing Carbon in a Google search and the auto-complete will show so many things... :-P


I was having trouble choosing what to do for this element.... lol too many choices ;-) But i liked that how it is SO essential to all living things that i had to do something that would attest to that... I wanted to be holding the earth... examining the carbon molecules that make it up.... or something along those lines...


I am not too happy with this edit..... i feel like its missing something... :-( maybe i approached it wrong... ugh


So yeah... Photoshop-ness for the win...

Make/Model: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Lens: EF 50mm 1/4f USM

Shutter: 1/50sec

f-stop: f/1.4

ISO: 200


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Taken on August 20, 2010