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Women are magic

What a difference six months makes.


Yesterday was my second anniversary on Flickr, but instead of cake (the diet, you understand), I thought I'd go with nudity (doesn't everyone, these days ?). When Mrs Tampen was worrying about getting her shape back after the birth of our baby last year, I reassured her with the words every exhausted mother of a newborn wants to hear: "Don't worry, I'll be posting pictures of you naked on Flickr in no time". The upper shot was taken last August a couple of weeks before she gave birth; the lower shot a couple of days ago. She has worked hard, and it shows.


It's been another fun year on Flickr, thanks mainly to the generosity of my contacts. I've also met some great Flickrites in the past 12 months and hope to meet many more.


Of course the site is changing and growing, and it's getting ever harder to keep up with what everyone is doing. But thank you all anyway for the encouragement and inspiration (ie the ideas that I shamelessly steal). See you out on the street !

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Taken on August 11, 2006