Black-Rumped-Flameback Woodpecker [Dinopium javanense]

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Woodpeckers are primarily insectivorous, and occasionally love to feed on nectar, grains and fruits. I found this guy with his pair at my backyard today, making a particular call, making me notice them both drinking water and playing around. Notoriously they were roaming around there because we have a jack-fruit tree, which they like to feed on!!
The Black-rumped Flameback, (Dinopium benghalense), also known as the Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker, is a woodpecker which is a widespread and common resident breeder in much of South Asia.

This flameback is a species associated with open forest and cultivation. It nests in a tree hole, laying three white eggs.

Like other woodpeckers, this species has a straight pointed bill, a stiff tail to provide support against tree trunks, and zygodactyl or “yoked" feet, with two toes pointing forward, and two backward. The long tongue can be darted forward to capture insects.

The Black-rumped Flameback is a large species at 26-29 cm in length. It is a typical woodpecker shape, and has a golden yellow back, with paler wings. The rump and tail are black. The underparts are white with dark chevron markings. The black throat immediately separates it from other golden backed woodpeckers in the Indian region. The head is whitish with a black nape and throat, and there is a greyish eye patch. Unlike Greater Flameback, Chrysocolaptes lucidus, it has no dark moustache stripe.

The adult male Black-rumped Flameback has a red crown. Females have a dark forecrown, with red only on the rear half. Young birds are like the female, but duller.

The Sri Lankan subspecies D. b. psarodes has a crimson back and all the dark markings are blacker and more extensive. It is sometimes considered a separate species from the nominate Indian form.

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  1. Anoop Negi 95 months ago | reply

    This is Beautiful !
    Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

  2. Patryaaa 95 months ago | reply

    awesome capture
    super duper capture

  3. MillionSwords 95 months ago | reply

    thank you ramasuburamaniyan, annop, patryaa for the comments. It is indeed a colourful bird with a strange perch!

  4. Jagadeesh SJ 95 months ago | reply

    nice shot Ram..

  5. MillionSwords 95 months ago | reply

    thanks you Jaggy!

  6. Dinpk 95 months ago | reply

    Good Capture .... :)

  7. Aditi Patnaik 95 months ago | reply

    beautiful shot! very crisp

  8. MillionSwords 95 months ago | reply

    thank you Dinpk, Aditi

  9. Solitude Images 95 months ago | reply

    fantastic shot Baajhan !!! I love the clarity and sharpness of the picture !!!

  10. Through Harvey's Lens 92 months ago | reply

    Wow this is great. What a cool (enormous) woody. I am especially impressed about your description. Few people take more than a passing interest in what they shoot. Well done.
    I have a few in my garden (African Species) but they are notoriously difficult to shoot, small and fast!

  11. Rockbaaz 88 months ago | reply

    Ah. Beatiful shot congratulations. Have been trying to take a woodpecker shot -- but none have come out like this. Well done

  12. MillionSwords 88 months ago | reply

    thank you Saikat.

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