shdh11: jeff goes in for the kill

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    tom dreamed of laptopping from the pool, but we had just as much fun with led pens and head dunks!

    yoinked from adam!

    1. wirehead 105 months ago | reply

      Hey. I don't see Elea or I in this shot. :(

    2. Tommy-toe 105 months ago | reply

      but, but! it's wirehead-inspired! next time, you'll have to come to the devhouse.

    3. wirehead 105 months ago | reply

      I keep meaning to, but it never quite works out.

      I also don't have a laptop right now, so I'd have to steal Mrs. Wirehead's laptop and install all my dev crap on it.

    4. Tommy-toe 105 months ago | reply

      if you're in the market, let us know. miles switches laptops every half-year or so, so friends often ask what we've got before shopping around. he's putting up his 15" macbook pro on ebay soon.

    5. wirehead 105 months ago | reply

      I keep toying with getting a 13 inch MacBook mostly.

      But, sadly, I'm being a bad geek and spending money on photographic-related pursuits before computer-related pursuits.

    6. Kathleen.Joy 105 months ago | reply


      The pool is not for laptopping

    7. itselea 105 months ago | reply

      Hee! Our meme spreads!

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