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    Indonesian money.
    When I went to Bali, I took these as a memory.

    1. Pumpkin ages ago | reply

      Whoaaa...there are several old version of our bank notes. The purple one, Rp 10.000,- note is not valid anymore. I'll show you the new version soon ;DDD

    2. tamaki ages ago | reply

      I like red one.
      I revised the word.
      thank you for teaching, Pumpkin.

    3. Pumpkin ages ago | reply

      Hehehe...I sounded very patronizing. I've edited the comment...;p

    4. tamaki ages ago | reply

      No, No, Pumpkin.
      I'm very glad that you teaching me.
      You din't need edit your comment.
      Please teach me when I had mistake, and I really want to teach me when I use bad english.
      this is seriouse!
      (I want be a good english user :P)

    5. .susanne ages ago | reply

      .. another fav!

    6. tamaki ages ago | reply

      thank you.

    7. Pumpkin ages ago | reply

      Your English is fine to me. Guess we can ask Max or other native english speaking flickr's nuts to correct us when we make serious mistakes. I'll try my best to help...but if you count on me...that would be like the blind leading the blind...huahaha...uma ni nenbutsu. Hehehe...kore mo majime desu...;P

    8. tamaki ages ago | reply

      Oh, you are good Japanese user!!!
      majime desu :P
      thank you, Pumpkin.
      I bought another english grammar book today.

    9. Pumpkin ages ago | reply

      Hehehe...I was cheating. Got my walking Japanese dictionary just a phone call away ;P

    10. © ↑↓→ suηata ←↓↑ ΨΨΨ 82 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called MONEY FROM AROUND THE WORLD, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. eye_cool 47 months ago | reply

      Wooow! nice!
      nihongo shaberemasuka? eigo hetadesu

    12. tamaki 46 months ago | reply

      my English is poor.
      nihongo shaberemasu. eigo hetadesu :)

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