Modern Times?

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    Tri-X 400, Ilfosol-S 1+9 at 20 degrees C. I'm still getting spotting with drying. I tried a little detergent in lieu of wetting agent didn't help much...

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    1. SCFiasco 93 months ago | reply

      Too sterile. DM

    2. (Rimbaudian) 93 months ago | reply

      needs some postprocessing


    3. da mad pixelist 93 months ago | reply

      great postential, but yeah, needs some contrast/curve adjustment

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    4. Seb* [aka *] 93 months ago | reply

      Dull. Nice indistrual shot. As in the Cralie Chaplin movie.

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    5. gdiazdeleon 93 months ago | reply

      Rinse with clean water after fixer, I used to dry negatives with a small hair dryer to prevent that water w/fixer calamitous spots....

      I like the Modern Times atmosphere!

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    6. Ed Trillo 93 months ago | reply

      i feel like i've seen this picture a million times before

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    7. tallkev 93 months ago | reply

      Damn! it's bedtime and my meshed-up photo is still here!

      I'll be back in 6-7 hours to pick-up the pieces!

      thanks for the comments!

    8. Mr. Wittgenstein 93 months ago | reply

      You should be getting alot more contrast with tri-x. seems a bit dull to me as well.


    9. vice1 93 months ago | reply

      wheels.. wheels.. wheels....... wheels... wheels...

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    10. monoglot 93 months ago | reply

      I like the idea, wish it wasn't washed out.

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    11. dj12lee 93 months ago | reply

      Very thirties, but:

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    12. Fred [feukiou] [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      I'm not into chemicals.

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    13. Corgi_T 93 months ago | reply

      Has much more grain than actual, real-life detail.

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    14. tallkev 93 months ago | reply

      Thanks deleteme people, most constructive!

    15. Wedge-inator [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      I wouldn't say its a total waste. I think it works as a Windows desktop background.

    16. tallkev 93 months ago | reply

      Thanks Wedge, you have to understand the Deleteme! group makes a bit of a sport of slating your pictures

    17. tillwe 93 months ago | reply

      Very "Modern Times" (1-2-3)

    18. Telenous 91 months ago | reply

      Very nice, like it a lot. I have the habit of 'reading' pictures from the foreground to the background - and from left to right. It's a cultural thing I guess, but I 'd have preferred the foreground sharp and the background bokefied. The medium contrast works fine for me.

    19. sirwilliamarrol 71 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Sir William Arrol, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    20. CharliePev 61 months ago | reply

      Hello, I'm an admin for a group called More Than Living.

      Thanks for publishing this picture using a CC license - we've used it on our website to illustrate one of our stories: Eureka machine 'takes grunt out of science'

      If you'd like to add your pic to our stream of photos, or join our group, we'd love to have you.


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